New Website with Vue Content


Hi guys, I wanted to let the Vue users here know about a new website 2753 Productions which has several pages of Vue content - Atmosphere’s, materials, plant life in solid-growth .veg files… you name it, it’s there, with a LOT more on the way.
Atmsophere’s, Landscapes, Vegetation in the eShop

Update 7/16: On new hosting service, MUCH better website, MUCH more security.

Happy rendering guys, and may your render’s be short!


Many thanks for the lead - most appreciated.


Very welcome mate! :smiley:


Thanks a lot!


These atmosphere’s and more at 2753 Productions eShop


realy nice work on some of the products, well the one´s i´ve seen that is, cant speak for the rest :slight_smile:
Nice job Scott.


Wow, well thank you so much for that! At times I can be quite the perfectionist and I try not to release a product until it well satisfies me :wink: Stay tuned for more :smiley:


Spectral Nights GR Atmosphere pack for Vue
2753 Productions


Thanks for the heads up !


Very welcome! :wavey:


A new feature now on the website, with more coming, Free content. Introducing “Reeds 2.0” an updated version of the stock Vue Reeds with higher quality textures, free to download and use in your renders.

Currently the free download isn’t available, due to switching host servers, I have yet to figure a good way to provide straight free downloads on the new host, so in the meantime, until I can get that fixed, if anyone wants these just contact me through here :smiley:


h3llo Scott, glad to see that hi-end unique looking work is possible w/ the Vue packages/products u have there…
i’ll checkout more…btw, i noticed “TANGERINE DREAM” in 1 of the title, hah i’m an oooooold fan of that band =][=


Thank you very much Rob, lol yes I love Tangerine Dream’s work as well, not too many people have heard of them though. GREAT rendering music :wink:

Yes Vue has pretty much about cornered the market on “straight out of the box” landscape realism… though with a lot of effort some of the most realistic landscapes I have seen have come from Maya - but the price tag on Maya is FAR more than Vue :wink:


2753 Productions moved over this past weekend to new hosts, providing even more eCommerce security, more capabilities, and better service, so please take a look at the new site.

Slowly getting all of the Vue content back online in the eShop


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