new website problems


Might have known the new foundry website would be a half baked mess. couldn’t log in, so reset password, now new password not recognised. No content on discussion forums etc etc.

On safari on a mac, which probably hasn’t been tested.

Why mess with what was a great site? It was the fastest loading forum I use, and now it’s not working.



Yeah, I really don’t like the new forum. I was able to log in though with no trouble using my same old password. Not sure why yours isn’t working?

I think it’s ridiculous that they rolled out that new forum without fully testing it and with half the features either non existent or not working properly. There is no search function yet, and it seems that everything is a work in progress. They’re saying they will add functionality and fix things as they go. WTF?


So maybe more people will start coming to this forum more… ; )


Yeah, it would be great to see this area of the forum getting more active. It’s pretty much dead in the water right now.