New Wacom Cintiq 13 HD


Looks like a new cintiq is coming with a 13 inch HD display

estimated price in EU about 900 €


they really need to make a high-quality tablet. I’d really like a wacom without being tethered to a desk!


That looks really nice and at a good price too. It also gets me excited about their proposed tablet.


That is a thing of beauty, and I’m almost completely sold on buying one as soon as it’s available. Only thing is I don’t fully understand the “3-in-1 cable”; I get the HDMI and USB, but what is that power supply? From the product page on Wacom’s site:

Power Supply Input 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz

                                             Power Supply Output                          19 VDC 1.58 A (max)
 Does that mean it needs a wall outlet?  If there's no way to draw power from my laptop and use it on-the-go, then I'll give it a miss... especially if it has another god-forsaken breaker box like the 12WX.


Yea I am %100 sure it will require a wall outlet like every other cintiq. Other than that it is a thing of beauty though.


Man, that is frustrating. It’s been ~6 years since the 12WX came out, and devices from Lenovoand Yiynova can get power from USB; how is Wacom so far behind on this?

I can understand having a wall outlet option to prolong laptop battery life (but really, if an outlet’s nearby I’d just plug in the laptop), but making it a necessity is a deal-breaker for me.


Touch input and inbuilt battery would have been nice. (along with a single tunderbolt connection)

Lets see what their tabletPC brings to the table. I hope that one willl also have the option to be connected to other PCs/macs just like a cintiq. Cause performance won’t be great on low power intel cpu’s.


Tough crowd…


I will most certainly buy the touch version of that.

and ya thunderbolt would be nice

thunderbolt + touch and I’d be sold

I don’t think they could make this without an extra power supply though unless they put a lower quality screen on it. All the usb powered LCD screens don’t have as good picture quality as you can get when it has an ac adaptor


Hopefully they will have one for demoing at GDC expo so we can get some hands on impressions from people who try it.


Detailed info video:


On the wacom site the power draw of that cintiq is listed as 9 watts. (look at specifications - see more)

So an ordinary ultrabook battery could run it easily for about 15 hours.
Would have costed another 100 bucks which would have been worth the convenience.
Maybe they feared it would cannibalize future sails of their tabletPC.


Oooo! Look! The pen comes in a case!


Seriously, one inch bigger and the big improvement is no power brick and switch box? Big whoop. Haven’t Wacom been paying attention at all? Why isn’t this at least 15"?

EDIT: It appears there is still a power brick, though no photos of it have been published yet. They seem to be doing everything they can to hide it.


That’s an interesting point I hadn’t considered. I’d also forgotten Wacom’s DTU-1031 is USB-powered, so it wasn’t fair for me to call them “behind”–I just wish they’d make an option with the 1031’s mobility and the 13HD’s screen space, even if it had a lower quality panel.

Ha, guilty as charged. Thing is, I’m this close to wanting one. I’m happy with my 22HD, and I’d really like another Cintiq to travel with–I was hoping this would be it, but it’s not if it needs an AC adapter.

Based on the product cycle between the 12WX and 13HD, maybe I should cross my fingers for 2019…


Wacom’s specifications page now lists that it does use an AC adapter :\

Edit: Wait, it says “USB 2.0 and AC Power adaptors”… does that mean there is an option to power through USB, or is that part referring to the data connection? If USB power is an option, I take back all my nay-saying.


That awful Endgadget video spends most of its 6 minutes on the amazing piece of plastic that is the new stand and the fact that Photoshop has masks. You can’t even see where the wires go since they fall out of frame. Does one lead to a power brick on the floor or what? What a load of crap (the video, not necessarily the Wacom, though that’s to be determined since this video tells us nothing).


Tough crowd, really? Wacom have been sitting on their asses for years now while charging premium and innovating little.

Why would anyone want to buy this thing, anyway? For 900 EUR (it’s almost 1.200 USD as of today!) you can get a fully fledged tablet pc with a comparable display size and pressure sensitive pen to boot.

P.S. - That Engadget review sucked indeed. 6 minutes of talking, not even a SINGLE brush stroke.

P.P.S. - 900 EUR for this, I dread to think how much they will charge for their tablet pc.


It’s a good upgrade over the 12" but in these days for even these updates it’s still overpriced.


I would wait to hear if it has the jittering problems of the 12wx before taking the plunge… The higher resolution would make it much more useful though. I wander how portable it realy is…


I didn’t watch the video, but I would rather use the OS, cpu, fans, and hard drive from a desktop, than something on my lap. Especially with ZBrush. Not wild about it though, if it gets too hot, the cords are too heavy and it stutters. I shall wait and see.