New video on Silo 2


here we go :

Nice, but the wait is killing me !! :slight_smile:


I seriously can’t wait for 2.0 to be released.

I’ve got that 90% excited, 10% scared feeling! Maybe it’s 90%scared, 10% excited.
but that’s what makes this so great:)

No but seriously, looking forward to it!

Mike Fitz


heheheheh… feeling the same way -jt- :slight_smile:


How could I miss silo… :thumbsup: it is very impressive software compare to Modo 201 and Hex2($$$)

Any more updates on v2?? release date, features, more more please???


check out the forum especially the news forum, there
should be one or more video on some threads showing the
displacement mapping, uv and more.


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