New Version?


Any news of a new version of Motion Builder (version 8?) around the corner?
It seems like it’s been a while since 7.5 came out and was just trying to figure out when to pull the trigger on a new license purchase.

Thanks in advance.


I wonder if it is still being developed at all. Are there any other similar software?


There’s noise about extension 2 but there isn’t that much info about it.

It does look like the Development of Motionbuilder has seem to have slowed since Autodesk took control, as Motionbuilder 7 came out in 2005. Maybe Motionbuilder isn’t part of Autodesk’s future plans?


There is an update, [b] 7.5 Extension 2.

"[/b]Autodesk MotionBuilder 7.5 Extension 2
Autodesk MotionBuilder 7.5 Extension 2 software, available exclusively to Autodesk MotionBuilder Platinum Membership members, builds on the momentum of MotionBuilder 7.5 with significant performance enhancements—particularly in the areas of loading and plotting data, support for 64-bit Windows® operating platform and 32-bit Intel®-based Macintosh® systems, and new animation tools. The latter includes the addition of a new 3ds Max Biped Template that enables Autodesk® 3ds Max® software users to quickly rig their Biped characters in MotionBuilder. There is also a new finger solver in Actor that allows animators to apply optical marker data to a character’s fingers in real time. Finally, enhancements have been made to the Reach settings, Custom Cameras, and the Story Window.

With its unique real time architecture, non-destructive animation layering, and mixed media, nonlinear editing timeline that simplifies working with motion capture and other dense datasets, MotionBuilder 7.5 Extension 2 enables you to tackle the most demanding, animation-intensive projects."

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I really hope they wont cancel motionbuilder, really love that app now, been learning it at work so. :slight_smile: Its a great unknown tool that more people should look into. It works for mocap as well as regular keyframing ,and god bless layers, plotting and the snap constraints. :slight_smile:



Hey guys,

I replied to your questions about the this release of MotionBuilder on my blog, as I was going to make an announcement on the release and thought it was an ideal way to merge the two.


Curtis Garton


Hi Curtis,

Now that Motionbuilder is a Universal Binary on the Mac, I’m just about ready to upgrade my license of Motionbuilder 7 Standard. How about a new upgrade offer to migrate across?
It just didn’t make sense before to invest a lot of money in a version I couldn’t run natively.




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