New version 4.8 ! Upgrades



- fixed scale of objects in Instant meshes

  • AppLinks specifications updated
  • Space Menu shortcuts bar problems fixed


  • Instant meshes integration. Press RMB over object, AUTOPO->…
    It supports symmetry. Don’t expect too much. It is about robustness and
    stability, but not about too great quality.

  • Autopo density problems fixed.

  • New curves are in very good state. Still need a lot of development,
    but now it is closer to Corel in 3D. Still beta.

  • Posibility of 16-bit export for displacement in export constructor.

  • Metall support in picture transform tool. If gloss enabled, imported
    image will be with metallness. You may vary it with slider.

  • FlipX, FlipY, FlipZ for Tweak room

  • CTRL+UnifyUV to unify UV sets with same names.

  • Import multiple objects for PPP.


New version 4.8.16 !

- Retopo via decimation works correctly with objects of non 1.0 scale.

  • Lasso works correctly in fill tool

  • Correct Transform+pick volumes. Use CTRL/SHIFT to select/unselect.

  • fixed problem of some commands in space menu (at the end of list)

  • Fixed potential instability in Light Baking Tool.

  • RFill (Quad Fill) included into regular retopo toolset, corrected to work as expected.


  • fill by patch remade. Should be faster and more accurate.

  • joining points.

  • reworked RMB menu

  • projecting points on plane

  • Correct EPS/spline import export. IGES supported. But IGES is not
    included in community version, if you need to test it, send me request I
    will send special key.

  • possibility to link several points if snapping to points enabled. They will be moved together.

  • many more small changes


4.8.18 (expected to be stable)

  • Skip textures export if need (checkbox in export dialog).

  • Axial rotation in text primitive.

  • fixed problem of positioning Tool params window

  • Select visible islands in UV/Retopo rooms with rectangle.

  • Store camera/[panorama data to the preset.

  • Curves “Apply” corrected to work in all tools.

  • Possibility to click to fill in material editor (in fill tool)

  • Better picking corners in all windows where curve edit required.

  • Fixed problems with 8k curvature

I am working over sculpt layers and other V5 stuff, so only polishing present in this build. Beta version with other features like sculpt
layers and joint based kitbashing will be available within month.


19.07.2018 4.8.19

  • Snap joints tool introduced, this is kitbashing, lego-like modeling.
    It is suitable for children and for adults. Only a few models there, we
    will extend kit by the time.

  • Huge changes in curves. Filling curve by patch works stable and
    provides good quality. Filling with holes inside supported. Just add
    curve in sub-tree of filled curve and it will be treated as hole.
    Boolean operations between curves in 3D. Many changes related to curves.

  • Tutorials/scripted missions for newbies introduced for fast diving in!

  • Ghost All works correctly

  • AppLink export corrected

  • Import Raw Voxel data speeded up 10 - 20x.


27.07.2018 4.8.20

  • Polished Joints snapping tool.
  • Continuous development of curves.
  • Fixed Cut&Clone tool
  • fixed different multiselection problems
  • Correct volume highlight, there was problem with completely metallic shaders
  • Correct “Run brush along curve” - it was not working for some UI layouts.
  • Fixed problem of metalness painting with custom alphas.