New Username Requirements


Due to a bug in IE 6 and IE 7, we’ve had to make the requirements for user names more strict.

You are no longer allowed to have an underscore in your username;

I’ve gone through and reset portfolios who’s user-names have an underscore, so when you go to manage your portfolio you’ll be asked to change your name again.

If it doesn’t seem to be redirecting for you visit

Sorry for the inconvinience.



First off, thanks a lot for this new feature! It is really great!! :thumbsup:

But I second eek on the username request. So I ask, there’s really no plan at all to make 3 letter nicks available?

I’m also known as just “eks” in a lot of places. (It’s my name initials).



After a few years of using Terro Rize (Changed to Terro after 911) I feel crappy about not using my real name. Especially on CGtalk , where if you think about it, you would probably want to get noticed for who you really are.

I seen a few posts by Feng Zhu and Ryan Church, they alway use their real name. I think I’m done with my net identity, lol.

I personaly think the name restrictions are a good thing.


the 3 char thing I suspect is due to some wise guys gettin’ the idea to rename themselves ‘www’ or ‘ftp’. We’ll see if anyone tries to rename themselves ‘forums’ in the immediate future.


We’ve reserved a bunch of stuff already :wink:


I’ve turned off the 3 character thing. Go mad :slight_smile:


Woot!!! :bounce:

Thanks a lot!!! :bowdown:



SWEETTT man, sorry. But i love you.:slight_smile: eternally grateful!


hey, I have to look after eek, I’ve learnt a bunch about face rigging from your thread :slight_smile:


Ok, my name has an underscore, and I cant use it without one because is allready in used. I could figure something out, like ‘~Loris’ (can we use ~ ?), or ‘LorisS’, but I was wondering if this will affect my CGChallenge thread in any way. Will my nickname be updated in that thread?

Thanks! :slight_smile:



I missed the ‘this will change your username in all cgcociety’ and renamed my 3-char ‘rdg’ to may realname ‘duemlein’.

I am not so happy about this (Welcome back duemlein!) and currently I don’t have the time to play with the portfolio.

Could you please change my username back to rdg, if it is not already taken?

I need to think about a new username now.

thank you in advance




first off, a great concept very well executed it has to be said :slight_smile:

anyway, i was just interested in changing my username [if thats at all possible] to my ‘real’ name as i would prefer my name to feature in the web address [all one word for addy, two for screen name if poss], as opposed to my ‘screen’ name when listing it as a point of reference for examples of my work. just more professional all round i feel. [unless this feature already exists as an option?]
so…having already made a start in setting up my portfolio page, although only adding details as opposed to work atm, i was curious as to whether this would muck things up your end and make the whole thing a bit awkward to do :shrug:if so, then i sure i can live with it the way it currently is :wink: i just wanted to understand to what extent it effects stuff with you before i start making requests :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for your time Anton


This thing is such a cool idea. I love the networking stuff already as I’ve discovered loads of stunning artists I may not have found otherwise.

Could someone advise me on how to go about changing my username to my real name, if possible? I’ve already setup my portfolio however - would the url/domain change too? Dunno why I didn’t do this sooner. I really like the idea or this portfolio and plan to use it to showcase my work but it would obviously look more professional using your real name.



Georg i’ve reset your name, 3 character names are now allowed so you should be able to stick with it.

Paul: I have renamed your account, your new domain will be


thank you.

This makes it easier for me.
Strange how used one can get in different personalities (screennames, email-accounts). From a medical point of view this is in deed dangerous.



Thanks Antrent, thats awesome.


I’m guessing you need to reset my username as my link only goes to the maintenance page
my link is

& I think it needs to be

would be nice to get a dash in there if the underscore won’t work,it gets a bit hard knowing where the first name ends & the last one starts

other than that it’s looking good,there really is some great work in these gallerys :thumbsup:



that was quick :thumbsup:

it’s all working good now,& thanks for the dash :slight_smile:



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