New user - C4D commands on Mac


I did a search on this but didn’t find anything.

I’m following the tutorials on cineversity and the guy in the videos keeps talking about right-clicking. In the past I’ve control-clicked on my mac and gotten the same functionality but it’s not working in C4D. Anybody know what to do? A resource for C4D mac vs. pc commands would be awesome and keep me from posting more questions like this. Thanks



don’t know why you are using a device without a right click(it’s been possible on a mac for over 20 years :slight_smile: )

But if you go into preferences input devices there’s an option to have
Control-Click for Right-Click

That’s it. Not sure what the PC equivalent of Command(apple key) click is but that key is probably the only difference between the two versions. (EDIT: just noticed the command key on my keyboard no longer has an apple logo on it(if it ever did - maybe I imagined it))



I don’t like the additional functions on the Mac mouse and that’s what I’m provided at work. Getting a different mouse would mean me paying for it which isn’t going to happen


Unfortunately, in C4D you can only get those right-click functions by actually right-clicking. Control-click is used in C4D for other things, so it can’t be used as an alternative for right-clicking.

So you will either need to enable right clicking on your Apple mouse and grin and bear it, or explore the shortcut customization features in C4D under Window > Customization > Customize Commands… You may be able to remap the commands you need to other shortcuts.

And even though you say that you are not going to bring in another mouse, I would readily pay $10 for a cheap belkin mouse to avoid the hassle of the two previous options. You can always take it home with you at the end of the day.


You can of course do that. Go into Cinema’s preferences ->Input Devices and select “Control-Click for Right-Click”.

Now CTRL exclusively is usable to make a mouse-click being a Right-Click, while Cmd has to be used for shortcuts - while before Cmd and CTRL had been interchangeable.

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Ah! that is great to know… I stand corrected