New two types of lasers you have been waiting for.


More powerful lasers fromEndurance.Improve your 3D printer orCNC machine with a powerful and reliable Endurance lasers.

Back to 2015 Endurance started to create powerful and reliable lasers.Unlike Chinese analogs our goal was to make lasers that could work continuously
for extended period of time.During last 3 year we released: 2.1W, 3.5W, 5.6W and 8W lasers.

All lasers work on 445 nm wavelength and have TTL to control the laser.

Today we want to announce about 2 more powerful units. Meet them: 8.5W+ and 10W

Key features of EndurancelasersLet meexplain about their features.But beforethat I’d like to tell you about nuances of laser assembling process. To create apowerful and a reliable solid-state (diode) laser you need to keep in mind
several aspects. First -we need to create a schematic good and reliable enough to be able to keep laser
diode safe. Laser diode is an engine of your machine.Second -we need to make sure that parts you get will meet your stress tests criteria’s
otherwise laser diode can be find be your circuit will burn.Third –schematic should be build in the way to make your laser operate full power on
any 3D printer or CNC machine. Sometime we do a custom design for our
customers.Fourth –cooling system has to be designed well. Laser diode itself consumes a lot of
energy and this energy has to be allocated outside. That is why on a powerful
8W lasers we use 3 cooling fans and extended heatsink.Fifth –laser mount and laser connectors. As soon as our lasers are compatible and can
be installed on any 3D printer or CNC router we made a lot of holes that could
be used when you install the laser.So, theseare key features while laser assembling process. Also all Endurance lasers are
hand made and tested individually that allows us to say that they can work
continuously up to 48-72 hours and their lifetime is about 10 000 hours. What we did in a new laserdesigns?

(demo stand)
8.5W+(8500 mW) solid-state (diode) laser module attachment
For 8.5W+laser we redesigned a laser driver a little bit that gives additional power.
Now we have7.2V and 5 - 5.5amps that goes directly to laser diode.On 8.5W+ wesetup more powerful fans with 7200 rpm unlike 5000 rpm that are installed on a 8W laser.
With this additional powerit enables to:
cut 5 mm of wood with one pass,
cut 8 mm of dark acrylic with 2passes,
cut white materials with a minimumcharring.
engrave fast (+50% speed comparingto 8W laser) on anodized aluminum, steel, brass and copper.

10W(10000 mW) solid-state (diode) laser module add-on
For 10Wlaser we significantly change a laser driver module.(will disclose after filingthe patent application)
With laser you would becapable to
cut any soft material includingwood, plywood, leather, felt, fabric, hardboard, cardboard, etc with a width of
<5 mm can be cut with 1-2 passes only
cut 10 mm of wood and plywood withmulti passes,
cut 10-12 mm of dark acrylic can becut with multi passes,
fast engraving (+100% speed comparing to 8W laser) onanodized aluminum, steel, brass and copper.

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