New Tutorials, wine bottle viz and displacement modelling


2 New videos for you this week :slight_smile: First of all there’s a 3.5 hour tutorial collection for producing a wine bottle visual from start to finish:
Use the code “jivetalkin” for 25% off until the end of the week.

And second of all I’ve decided to make a free 30 minute standalone video using part of it to show you how you can model annoying shapes such as bottle screw caps with nothing but material displacement.



Fantastic stuff Mash, really shows the power of c4d’s material system in the right hands.


Trying to buy the tut mash and getting a spinning circle but nowt happens?


Hey there, im afraid my card processor is being quite slow today, even the admin backend is a bit sloth-like. Give the circle 20 seconds and it eventually gets there.


Great stuff, thanks Mash!
No matter what render engine one uses, the native material system is great for creating displacements.


hi mash,
i just bought your tutorial and i really liked it. but i have one question though:
do you still plan to do your chocolate bar and foil pouch tutorial? i would love to see that …


I also bought it, and it’s a great tutorial for bottle beginners, but the most useful part is actually the free section about using displacement to model the cap. I’d like to see a more advanced lighting and texturing tutorial showing how to get photo real print finishes, paper surfaces, varnishes, foils, multiple layers of embossing etc, plus more realistic glass (micro textures, bumps and dings etc) and more advanced liquid lighting, backlighting, glows, gradients etc etc.

Hope I’m not being too critical, your teachings are awesome oh wise one : )


They’re on the list but I do have a couple of others in the pipeline before them. I’ve got a free one coming in an hour or so on youtube, then early June there’s a commercial architectural exteriors one. Late June will be sketch and toon lines and shading which will likely be commercial, though I’ll release some parts of it for free.

For August I have a huge mograph series planned but it will take a bit of time to put together


I can’t wait until August! Do it before the Mograph one!

I hope you are making some hard earned cash out of these.