New training material about destruction


Hi Houdiners!! how are you?

I am just posting this message to let you know that I just uploaded 3 more hours of videos aboout breaking objects ( Now the kit is complete almost 4 Hours ).

We are going to explore some of the different methods of creating scenes ready for RBD Fractured Simulations, we will explore some interesting nodes like the " For each node" , Partition node, RBD glue object, at the same time different options for creation of groups based on attributes, using nodes for user defined selections or simply random, among other things.

1.-Breaking the wall with VOP’S
Intro to fractured objects
Deforming geometry VOPSOP
Fixing problems
Making Groups
Old school expression
What happened?
Little imperfections
Finally broken

2.- Breaking a vase with paint and For each
Creating the vase
Painting with a brush
Breaking the vase

3.- Breaking a pot defining pieces with geometry
Modeling our pot
Creating pieces
Defining groups
Fractured Object
RBD Glue Object
Switching between the two objects

4.-The Break Tool
Understanding the Break Tool
Breaking just a portion of the object

5.-Bricks with class
Creating the wall
Breaking the wall
6.-The Shatter Tool
Understanding the Shatter Tool
Solving problems

New free tutorial

Thank you all for your attention and support I really apreciate it you are the ones that are making this project grow.


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