New tool: InfoTag


Tell me what you guys think:

Rui Batista


Very nice. What about being able to choose the font, and have a background coloured box? Having the option to put this in a panel would be very cool too.


Choosing the font is not possible as drawing on the screen has to be made using vectors.
I had to make my own letters and my own code to draw them.

As for a separate panel, it may be possible, yes.
You mean a dockable panel that you can place in your layout?

Rui Batista


That is unfortunate. I thought perhaps to match the HUD font would be nice.

Yes, exactly.


Really nice tool, very useful, I guess the SDK doesn´t allow to draw in the viewport with Add to HUD command?
I would like to suggest to make the tag as a plugin object as well so we have only one per scene and not per object (imagine dealing with hundreds of objects) where the plugin object display the info of the selected object only and the tags could override this plugin object if you have the need of a specific object info to show in the viewport.



Hello Rui,

Thank you for sharing this plugin idea. I think the readout of length in terms of the spline segments is valuable. The other information seems to be available using the HUD if I remember correctly? (# points selected, etc.)


I don’t see anything in the SDK to allow for the creation or manipulation of the HUD :frowning:
As for making it an object, several problems come to my mind.
If the object is on the top of the list, it would show the values before they get updated. So, the location of the object in the hierarchy would influence the accuracy.
Also, if several objects are selected,what values should it display?
What if there are polygonal objects and spline objects selected at the same time?
The best solution really seems to be a tag, I guess.

Rui Batista


Too bad, I bet could have ease your life a little :slight_smile:

Hmmm, I couldn´t imagine that hierarchy could have some influence in the selected object info display, I thought that being a “global scene object” could update itself everytime that you select an object no matter where the info object is located in the hierarchy.
If two objects are selected, nothing happens( it doesn´t show any info, is very rare the case (at least for me) that you edit two obejcts at the same time, usually you only work on one at the time.
Sorry if this is impossible to accomplish I have absolute no idea about coding so my ignorance on this is huge. :blush:

Anyway I think your plugin is great and it help to “measure” the objects while editing.:thumbsup:



An option here is to allow a plugin tag placed on a parent object to affect its first active child. If an active child has its own tag, this can override the tag on the parent.

I used this solution for my Index View plugin. Here’s a demonstration.

For multiple selections you could either use the first active object or as suggested do nothing. In the latter case perhaps the user could be informed of an invalid selection.


That´s an excellent suggestion.



I did some tests and an object would work fine.
I will add that option too.
Also, I will try to improve the interface :slight_smile:
As for HUD, it is impossible. There is no access to the HUD with python or even with C++.

Rui Batista


Just make it standard data I the tag and then the user can add that data to the hud.


Here is an update to this tool.
What do you guys think?

Rui Batista


That´s a great update. do you think that is possible to have an automatic update (maybe the info object has a check box saying “live selection”) every time that you select an object or like Darter´s solution a null object with the tag and it gets the info of the selected object inside that null and if a object inside that null has it´s own tag it override the main tag.



The tag overriding solution seems a little cumbersome as the user will have to deal with main tags, sub tags, etc.
As for the “live selection” solution, it is possible but the user will have to adjust the visual settings before the life selection is turned on, otherwise, it will have to switch back and forth from the Info object and the polygonal/spline object to adjust the info display. Or, it will have to lock the AM to the Info object.
Will this solution be enough?

Rui Batista


Yes, maybe could lead to a mess.

With the visual settings you mean the transparency? if it so that is a minor thing that is not going to affect the workflow (at least for me) the important thing is that the info in the viewport don´t go behind any object were it would be unable to read and I´m used to lock many times the AM if required for some tasks.



Here is an update of the state of the Info pack:

Rui Batista


Really great update. Looking forward for the release. :slight_smile:



Hi Rui,

Any update in this tool?



Hello Juan

Actually, this is ready. I just need to prepare the manual and update my site.
Two things happened that relegated it to oblivion:

  • I have been busy with a huge animation project that is still undergoing.
  • I got sidetracked by Forkroot :wink:

So, in a few days I will release this. As it is now, it is comprised of two tools: an object and a tag.
So, it is versatile and can be adjusted to any work style.

Rui Batista