New Tool for Scripters: Supra?


Hi all,

I always wanted to write a browser to edit scripts, but never found the time till now. You can get it at

Simply put the script into your stdscripts folder. It remembers all the settings and can be loaded automatically for each max session. There are 2 things that are not in the menus, ctrl + click a folder to open, ctrl + click a script to delete.

Good luck,


Nice, I really like it. Can browse scripts much faster. Really helpfull. Ho yeah, ctl + RMB or left mouse bouton make you delete. By clicking on it, you open the file in maxscript editor.

Thx, for this nice browser.



Thanks for your kind words. I am glad you liked it.

Btw I have just updated it to v0.3:

– Development History
– v0.2: Better sorting algorithm, Expand All doesn’t randomize the scroll
– v0.3: Better data handling



Ah, so that’s why I couldn’t download it last time! You changed the name from ice! :smiley:

Thanks for the update!


sorry double post


Yeah Martin, I changed the name. I think Supra sounds better.:thumbsup: I hope you find it useful.



Except Supra sounds like the Supra keys (the opposite of sticky keys) in XSI. Where you hold a key down and can use the function on it (move for instance) then when you let go it restores the previous function (say select). I thought it was something to emulate that functionality. Might cause confusion.


Thanks a million. I have been using one that I have had for years and it is OK but I always wanted to rewrite it using ax controls. Now I don’t, thanks.


Hi robinb,

There is a picture of the UI in my website, where you can see it when you move your mouse over the icon on left side.

Thanks Paul, I am glad you find it useful. I plan to add a few more features like searching a string inside script files, which I think would be after rewriting Mass!ve.



I have just updated the code with:

– v0.4 Bold style for directories, fast access to scripts & stdscripts folders, ability to search inside scripts

Good luck,


Hi all,

I have updated the code again:

– v0.5: Docks faster, remembers dialog size correctly

Good luck,


Hi all,

Just rewrote my script browser from scratch and thought I should share.

Here is the screenshot:

You can get it here > Light > Production Tools > Supra

Don’t forget to get the required C4 function library.

It only comes with a single code file, which should be placed under stdscripts. Creates macroscript itself when not present.

Quick help:

Click a script to edit
Ctrl click a script to delete (with confirmation)

Click a directory to expand/collapse
Ctrl click a directory to open it
Shift click a directory to expand/collapse all subdirectories

Right click inside the treeview to expand/collapse all nodes.
Shift right click to reset the dialog size
Ctrl right click to refresh scripts

Drag inside the treeview to move the dialog.

Filter shows the scripts whose name matches the provided string (case-insensitive)
Search allows you to search for a string inside the scripts (case-sensitive)

If you decide to use both of them, optionally first use the filter then the search feature, because filtering is faster than searching.

The rest is obvious.

Feedback, ideas, and the like are always welcome.



Hi light,

That’s a great little utility. I had been using scriptman but i like yours more. Thanks very much!


Thanks alot Peter. I am glad you liked it. :slight_smile:



hey Light, after a morning’s use of your script, i dont know if something like this is useful or not, but i find myself having lots of scripts and functions that i manually run each time, (I know I could just create macros but i guess it’s a case of not having my UI cluttered with too many.)

Would there be a way of taking the listbox functionality that you already have and applying a way of running the selected script with, say CTRL+click?, that way i can leave your window up the whole time and run my scripts to my hearts desire!

Also, at the mo, i’ve put it in the .ms file in the startup>script folder. When i restart max, it resets the position to 0,0. Can it remember it’s last screen pos even after a restart, or is this something to do with the pos variable in the macro? (reason i use the .ms and not the macro is i want it to start each time i load max!)

Thanks again Light, i wouldn’t ask for any changes normally ,except for the fact that your script is going to be so useful!


Hey Peter,

Thanks for the idea. I think it makes alot of sense to simply run a script without opening it.

I have now added that functionality, and ctrl click now runs the selected script, while shift click deletes it.

As for the last pos, the dialog remembers every setting, including that. So I recommend doing 2 things:

  1. Place the script file into stdscripts folder, along with C4 function library
  2. Evaluate this line in the listener:

getINISetting (getMAXINIFile()) “Light” “Supra”

I store the settings inside the 3dsmax.ini file, so the script should be able to write into it.

Thanks again for your idea. If you have more from where it is coming, please don’t hesitate.



Crikey, that was swift! :slight_smile: great stuff Light, will let you know if i think of anything else.


Hi Light,

One other useful thing would be to have the possibility to add paths to different scripts locations. When I develop new scripts I usually keep them on a different location on the network and only whemn they’re done I’ll get them in the max’s directory. Also would be nice to have the option to backup the scripts to a different location…



Hey vasilescu_anton,

Great idea. Now I will think on how I could best put it into the tool.

Thanks alot,


Hey Light,

This looks cool!

All you need now is favorites (for folders and/or scripts), and as suggested before, the ability to select a different path, and there’s no more need for my scriptMan :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing this.