New to Unlimited.


Would really like a good crash course on fur and hair. Can anybody point me to some decent tutorials? I’ve got a character i’d like to add fur to, I don’t understand how to only make hair show in certain places, he’s all one mesh and I’d like to keep him that way.



Damn you got that quick! Did you get it sent to you, or is it the download, and if it is the download how does one pay for the Unlimited license? I didn’t find it so I’m ordering.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


Ah the envy… :cry:

anyho… you need to paint a baldness map… like an alpha map, black=no fur, then in atrribute editor for fur connect your baldness map to the baldness attribute


Ah, i had done that… bud didn’t know you had to hit “bake” at the top of the attribute editor to take effect.

Thanks for the help.


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