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I noticed this forum just today and it seems like it will be a valuable asset.

Anyway, back to the scope of the thread:

A partner of mine and I have thought of ideas on what our rendering of the 30 second spot will look like. This is what we have:

-EDIT-We have chosen a different story board…read if you like.-EDIT-

Scene I
-Futuristic City skyline
-floating traffic

+Man sitting on a seat about 2/3 the way back of a sleek bus, greyhound travel bus size but it’s a metro. The bus is floating also, roughly 600 ft off the ground to give you somewhat of a gauge of what I’m talking about.

The character is looking around on all the happenings going on around them. The character looks over at the person sitting next to them and sees them flipping through a holographic newspaper being projected from some point on the seat infront of them. Then the chrctr turns their head to look out the window to see a futuristic skyline with traffic and signs and everything you can think of that would be in a 2140 AD city. Think, earthy, episode II, starwarsy earth like bright city with white buildings and such.

-The whole time, flat panel monitors line center roof line of the bus, and a woman is speaking of something (the competition) and is discussing the advantages of the robotics program. Think, INFOMERCIAL. “…and that’s why Envisuron is devoted towards helping the environment, building a better community, building a brighter tomorrow!” Something of that caliber.

So the character looks back into the center of the bus after a flying car flies past the side of the bus window. The screens catch the char.s eyes and they focus in on the screen closest. The camera moves from the 1st person view to a 3rd person shot of the bus from a rooftop of a building near by, watching it fly by left to right. (200ft above the bus or something of that nature)

3rd person shot of the bus moves to the top of another rooftop, with other busses. The bus lands on a rooftop where other busses have landed, are parked, or are leaving, (futuristic bus stop). <All the while the narrative female voice on the flat panels continues to talk>

-Glass elevator
-Several Occupants
-1st person view

The char is now standing in the second row of people in a glass elevator (let’s say 53rd floor). The view of the char is looking over the head of the person infront of them and another screen with the woman talking in the infomercial is still talking. (Nothing skipped, much like how Bubba is talking to Forest in “Forest Gump” about shrimp, they move from scene to scene yet it still sounds like it was the same conversation). The elevator is moving down to the ground floor.

-Near ground level, front steps of the bus station type building. (still several stories above the ground) Taxies are pulling up to the curb and people are getting in and out.
-floating traffic
-skyline in the background, much more clutter up close (buildings, people, cars, vendors)
-3rd person view

Scene opens with a stationary camera outside of the elevator and the character walks out after 3 other characters. He takes about 5 steps and stops. switch to 1st person, and he looks at the scene. Taxies and people moving around. On the top of each of the taxies there are the advertising signs (more screens with the woman talking–still no break in naration).

The scene moves back to the 3rd person camera across the curb from the taxies and people, watching the char getting in one of the cars.

-Inside taxi (like modern day cabs with a different dash. The car is different, but similar to cars of today.
-Taxi driver
-another screen with the woman still talking on the back of the seat
-1st person

The driver takes off and they drive for no more than a few seconds and then turns down a back street where there is a wall. The suspense builds for a second, and then swiftly the taxi slams into the wall.

-Bedroom with loud tv showing the competition on it. (One of the objectives of the game is to knock down a stack of things with the robot…you’ll see in a second…)
-The char is sleeping in a bed
-the TV is on a table at the a few feet from the foot of the bed.
-3rd person

The char wakes up really fast and in a cold sweat (bends at the waist straight up, eyes wide open) because they had dreamed that they had just slammed into the wall, only to see on the TV, one of the robots slamming into the stack and knocking them down accordingly.

The char sighs, and the scene stops as the char lays back down and the view fades out.

For further information read the posts below for better info and updates.

ALRIGHTY, that’s what I came up with last night and while I typed this thread.

Hopefully you are somewhat interested in this, or just willing to give some advice. Have any of you worked on cities of this type, have any of you worked on anything of this type, have any of you worked on multiple characters like this? If so, please feel free to post, if you would even like to lend an assisting hand, I would be more than willing to see how we can use your talents. My main purpose for posting this is to find if this story board is worth pursuing. If you see a place where humor could be added in to the story board, please add at your free will. (Try to stay as close to the main story plot)

As it stands now, this task is being worked by myself and a fellow 3d artist. We are using 3D studio Max 4.2 with Reactor and Character Studio 3. We have 2 juniors from the high school that will be assisting with this project, but they are just now learning the basics of 3DSM.

Have a nice day,


If you are interested in any way feel free to email me at:


I was kickin’ some stones around just thought I would throw the request out for anyone or two who are really into modeling human figures.

We are using 3dsm4.2.

Time is growing short and the more I think about this, the more I think we are going to need some outside assistance. My partner and I have planned on creating a 3 or 4 human models and edit them accordingly for the animation, but that seems like it’s going to be more of a stumbling block instead of a fun learning experience. I’m more into vehicle and landscaping, and lighting, so organics aren’t my style. ANY help would be great, even if you just want to help out with vehicles in the futuristic city scene… or if you are really good with creating buildings or really good with texturing or just have a knack for lighting. -please- post! :slight_smile:

Have a great night.



We have pretty much come up with a style we want to use. We have a rounded type of sea creature type of lines with direct a direct reference to todays hard cut lines.

Think the new Cadillac CTS lines with a mixture of the sting ray.

We have come up with some concept art on a few of the vehicles and have come up with a style of buildings that we would like to see.

We still could use help if anyone is interested. The deadline is Feb 13th. And it must be in California.:argh:

Are team is still looking slack, and with classes picking up strong, Karl and I are going to have twice the work load.

More updates soon.



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I’m a relatively intelligent person…but you have confused me. Do you have to complete this animation in 6 weeks, or do you just have to present the story to your organization? Cause in my opinion, you dont have a chance in hell (no offense) of finishing an animation of that size in the time you have. The story is ok, but i dont understand how the robots tie into the whole thing.


Hey hey folks, as a matter of fact Flog, I did originally post this in the General area, but it was moved quite quickly.:hmm::smiley: And hey Rhino, I agree, that would be pretty hard to do… so…

We have changed our storyboard to a degree. Much more simple. Much more do-able in 30seconds. As you were saying before, we had a meeting and decided that the story listed above would be really hard to follow if you were watching. So we backed the story down to 2 scenes, and changed the view point. The Story is more corney, but that’s what the judges are looking for, we think.

The robots are in the video because this is a competetion about robots. Like botwars, but these don’t fight they compete with each other to achieve goals or objectives. The video competition, the one I’ve been writing about, is a smaller competetion that starts when the Robot competition starts. Infact, the video is supposed to compete against the other Robot teams’ videos.(And it’s good to have the Robot in the video)


It got moved.
Crap, I think we should get rid of this forum category for collabs. Cause now the mods will move em here to the garbage of the forum. No body ever bothers to come here.

Keep it up, and when you are done with your project show us all what you got.



We are still placing the setting of this video in the future city. Infact we have a very simple example of a possible arrangement of the city. Now some of you out there who see this will probably think, that takes no time at all, well, you’re right. But we are trying to teach the highschool students how to use 3dsm, and to creating buildings with simple shapes. The progress has been slow. :thumbsdow
That was the progress as of Monday. We have updated the stuff since then, but haven’t posted them yet. We have one of the juniors trying to create somewhat detailed buildings, that way Karl and I can go back and tweak his work. Dane, the junior, is also going to be creating some very lowpolygon vehicles for distant traffic.

Karl is working on the people for our new bus scene.

I’m working on the Bus and the City.

Animating is definitly going to be a -hard- part.

More updates in a bit…


I can try to make a city for you if you’d like
got some pictures of how you want it to look
send it to


have you tried making the streets FIRST, then drawing the city around it?

here’s a tip on city design, start with a town “circle” ie, a park, with a street going around it, and 4-8 streets radiating from it…

Just a thought…

Also, your’s doesn’t look TOO bad (despite the poll…) just I don’t recall seeing that many red and green buildings in one place…


Sorry, I was reading your posts more thoroughly when a question hit me:


Let’s see, deadlines, hurry up, and requirements…
I’m thinking this is a WORK FOR YOU kinda thing.
I’m actually disappointed, because I liked the storyline, some.


That is all, and I would like to know how this is a COLLABORATIVE TEAM project.


I tried at first to explain at the beginning that this is for a competition in which Highschool teams and their communties (how ever extensive) are able to help creating videos based around a robotics competition… BUT I deleted it because it was confusing people and left the basics of what I was posting about

It is a robot competition, and this video is a sub competition involved with that.

Now you may think that asking if people want to help out is cheating, it isn’t. Animators from Disney help one or two teams out but that leaves out the other 500 teams. SGI sponsors some teams and helps out some, but that leaves out the other 490 teams… so, when I found this site, I thought, “This looks like a good place to explain what the competition was, and what kind of situation my team is in.” This is the second time I’ve worked on this project and so in hopes of improving our video, I mentioned our intitial storyboard for a critique:

“…My main purpose for posting this is to find if this story board is worth pursuing. If you see a place where humor could be added in to the story board, please add at your free will. (Try to stay as close to the main story plot) …”

I didn’t even post it in the collab section, it got moved here. And as I got to think about it, after I posted that first post, I began to open the door to others if they wanted to help out. I don’t feel like I -need- folks but seeing as the community here seems pretty professional, I thought I would offer if someone thought they wanted to work on the project. I thought that it would be fun to work with other folks out side of just Karl and I for a change and perhaps come up with something more interesting than just with our style.

Hope this clears things up.



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