New to the forum! A question about partial subdivision and polygrpoups


Hello everyone :slight_smile:

My Name is Natalie, and I’m new to the forum.
I come from the world of retouching and for the past year I have finally found the time to get into zbrush. yay for me!

Recently I started to work on a model which I made from zspheres.
My problem starts with the face subdivision. When I reach 9 Milion AP the lvl of detail is not enough, and when I subdivide the model I reach to 36. Its a killer on my computer.

So I wanted to partially subdivide the face, which worked out good. However, now the polygroups are gone.

Any idea how to partially subdivide a model yet maintain the polygroups?

Thanks to everyone who will help a noobie out!


make sure it has subdivision then freeze subdivision
1: ctrl+shift the polygroup to only make the head visible
2: mask the head
3: bring back all parts so there visible
4: invert mask so the head is not mask and the rest of the body is mask
6: UN-freeze subdivision
When you un-freeze and if it dont look right, tool>subtool>Dist
adjust the dist slider by project all


Oh thank you! :smiley:


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