New to Rigging, Where should I start?


Good day all.

I’m eager to learn rigging, both the fundamentals and building rigs with the tools within Maya, and via Python scripting. So far I’ve been using the following Pluralsight link: Rigging Quadrupeds in Maya

It seems really good (it uses what is called a flexi rig, giving you lots of movement control of the spine), but the problem is I’m not sure what the best way to build rigs is anyhow. I’m a grad program for 3D, and thus am looking more for "this is how the industry (gaming and/or film) does it, rather than something that is good for a hobbyist but people looking to hire would cringe at, lol.

Classmates have mentioned Lynda, which I’ve used but once again question if that is the best sight. There are so many sites, and YouTube videos these days, it’s getting harder to find the good stuff through all the stuff you should just ignore. Another seemingly good prospect is Quadruped Rigging 101 at Manoanim website.

Any help on finding really good tutorials would be great. I’ll pour hours and days into this stuff as I love it, even Python! Yet I want to make sure that time isn’t wasted by learning the wrong stuff.



I have used both Lynda and Plural Sight, all I can tell is Lynda’s tutorials are more dated, there aren’t many thorough tutorials released in the recent years. Also, many of them aren’t in depth like Plural Sight. It’s a good place for beginners but other than that, I wouldn’t recommend Lynda if you’re going to stick with only 3d courses.
If you live in the USA or Canada, you can visit your local library for free Lynda membership.

If you have coin to spend, you can attend online college classes, if you don’t want to spend that much, check books on rigging.