New to Redshift - switch back and forth between 2 and 3?


is it possible to easily switch between Redshift 2 and 3? I understand it would cause issue to use the same file with both, but what if I want to do production work with the 2 release but then switch to 3 to learn about it, then switch back to 2 for actual work?

Or is 3 stable/ready for actual work?


v3 is work ready IMO.

Sorry Mike - that was a bit of a minimal reply - evening meal was ready : )

A lot of people are already using v3 in production. There are no show-stopping issues with the C4D version that I’m aware of, and there are lots of very useful new featues in v3 to benefit from. The Redshift guys generally fix bugs pretty quickly. All to gain, very little to loose IMO.


good to hear v3 is looking good.

what about jumping back and forth between v2 and v3? I’ll be working with other people who are sticking with v2 and I’m assuming you can’t send a v3 file to a person with v2 - correct?


You’d need to check that on the Redshift forums with one of the devs. If you are working with others on v2, then that is one case where it might be better for everyone to be on the same release series.


You can send v3 to v2…however some features in 3 are not in 2, so it may lead to errors. Like the Maxon noise node and some of the sample settings as well as trace depths.

You should also be aware though that not too many farms are supporting 3 yet. So if you know you’re going to need a farm, might be best to stick with 2 for now.


FYI Pixel Plow is on rs 3 now.


Yea I wouldn’t even bother trying to exchange v2 and v3 files - no need for the headache

what about switching back and forth between v2 and v3 so I can continue to work with v2 users while moving forward with v3?

is it as simple as moving the v2 and v3 folders in and out of the plugin folder and restarting C4D?


We just had to revert back to 2 from 3 because something in a scene, that was created in 2, was causing 3 to crash. 3 seems extremely stable as long as you aren’t using anything made in 2.