New to Maya. Trying to make my own custom marking menu to change camera view


Hi all,

I come from Blender and recently started picking up Maya. However I am not very fond of the current system to change views. Here’s what I get when I press ~ in Blender:

The parameters I need:

  • Top
  • Bottom
  • Back
  • Front
  • Left
  • Right

So I am now trying to replicate this with a marking menu and having no luck at all.

I found a script in another forum that seemed promising but still didn’t work.

Is there a chance someone could help me set up a custom marking menu that does what I need?

Thanks so much,

Edit: This is exactly what I want, but instead of shortcuts, I want a marking menu:


It’s possible to make your own marking menu, but is there any reason you don’t use the built in one? I see in the video the guy really wants a hotkey approach, but if you want a marking menu for it then couldn’t you just use the one that is part of the spacebar?

If you’re new to Maya and just want to play around and see what’s possible then that’s cool, but I’ve found that coming up with new ways of doing things that are only slightly different then something that’s built-in is usually more trouble than it’s worth. Like every time you blow away your pref’s, and every time you switch to a new version, or switch to a new machine…you have to copy all your customizations over.


Also…I can record a video or something to show you how to set one up, but it’ll have to wait a bit. Need to get some work done first :slight_smile:


I had to wait for something and had time. Put a video here showing you the steps:



you can change camera views by just dragging the camera you want into the viewport.