New to Learning Blender


Good Day Everyone,

I am new to Blender and am looking to learn. I recently purchased an Alienware 17R5 with the specs below.

i7 8750
32GB RAM 2666

Is this enough to learn Blender and modeling without many hiccups? I know it is not a powerhouse like other laptops, but just want to be sure it is usable.

Thank you,



Hi Fred,

Your new PC will do fine, more than enough muscle to handle your 3D endeavors! Have fun learning Blender! We’ll be watching for your work in the galleries soon!



You won’t find many laptops better equipped than this one, except for the gpu. For a Blender beginner/intermediate user it’s more than enough. You’ll be fine with it.


Thank you Daf57 and FatherN!

Yeah the GPU is not the best for 3D but I am just starting out as you stated. I do plan on getting the Graphic Amplifier if I need more GPU power later down the road.