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Is it just temporarily down? Sometimes sites go down for maintenance or something and are temporarily offline. That might be the case here perhaps? Might want to give it a day or so.


Alternately, you could use photobucket and just place a black bar across the nude bits. :slight_smile:


The site I was going to was posted right in this threadTocpe site. and it looks like its a whole other site now. I’m thinking the host droped the site, my sketchbook thread has none of my art in it. I have copies of my stuff but I don’t know where at on the two hard drives I have ,but the important thing is host for now.

I would use photobucket and putting a black bar that is a work around I didn’t think they would allwo that. I might go with that but I would like to find a hosting place that would allow it and also not delet picture if no one clicks on them what do other people use or do they buy there own site if so how do they go about their own site with cost on bandwith and templets and such?


Sorry to hear about your image host, I think the photobucket workaround is probably the easiest temporary solution until you have your own website. I’ve seen several people do this and it seems to appease the censors. :wink:


Thanks I guess I will just do that then.


Thanks Rebeccak, I was wondering how to upload images (not attachments) for a long time:thumbsup::wise:


Thanks very much. clear explanation. I kown.


Thank you for the Photobucket recommendation, I used to use Imageshack.


[left]This is my Maya Software render for Halloween Lighting Challenge…
Comments are Welcome…!!!


After uploading all my WIP images to my website and then linking them to no avail here, I did a test and discovered that if I link to an image on, I can have it show up in the message.

( ^ example that doesn’t show up for me, hosted on my website)

( ^ example that does work, hosted on

Is there any way to make images on a personal website work? I can’t figure out why an image that shows up if I paste the URL directly into a browser won’t work, but one from a commercial image hosting service does. Is this a firewall issue of some sorts? I’ve looked at the HTML and the one linked to the image on my website is a valid “img src=” tag.

P.eS., While I’m asking image posting/hosting questions, how do I get a thumbnail to show up in the new posts list?


thanx a lot man i am new to this site so ur instructions were very useful 4 me…


thanks Rebeccak…it was of a great help


its really cool


there is object link problem, any body help me to solve this problem…