It’s close to realtime. It shows modeling of the mouth(better than last video), nose, and eyes.

These are basic forms, not complete, but a good way to get your volumes and topology. Shapes are still a bit stylized.

Duration: 15:36min
Aspect : 640X512
Size : 30.8MB
Format : QuickTime
Codec : Sorenson 3[/B]

BMIRRORS(We all got hammered…need help):[/B]

Let me know if you have any questions, comments, etc.

I hope this one is a good bit better than the last.


[B][EDIT]: To answer a few recurring questions:

  1. The lighting setup I used in the tut is one I created a while back to provide fast but pretty lighting to make things look cooler than they are so that would be more inspired to keep modeling. It’s a bunch of omnis and a spot. The lighting has “ignore extents” on so that it does’nt get in the way, and then when I import it, I just globally hide all lights. You can toggle their display on and off in the viewport by use the keyboard shortcut “ctrl-l”. I’ve zipped up the file and hosted it on my site. You can get it here:


  1. The script tools I have docked on the left side of my screen are:

CSPoly Tools
Polymagus 2.0 beta

All available at:


You can also get the TubeCap script from my site here:


Don’t forget, that tubecap primative is just the cap of a tube, so you can make them yourselves without it.


Thanks Dave! Nice workflow


nice one dave

dont you use the quad menu much? :wink:


I did’nt use the quad menu the way I normally do so you guys could see what the heck I was doing. Believe me, it sucks working that way…bleh.



aah, thats ok then


That’s amazing, Dave! Thanx a lot for that! I’ll have some question for you though, but first I need to study it some more.
Thanx again!


Just saw the video. It’s a pretty good tute :smiley: You can actaully see something this time :stuck_out_tongue: Nice :slight_smile: Thanks Dave!


god keep u for us ,always


another excellent videotut there Dave. I watched it with Joy and pride :wink:

hope to talk to ya soon.



Very Cool!!

Thanks Dave!


Pretty great video! Good viewing quality and easy to follow. Looking forward to the steps in modelling the rest of the head!


I have a question:

How do you make these timelapse videos??
What do you use to capture your work and then how do you make it so fast??

Good tutorial though.


It’s an ordinary videocamera and he just works that fast :).

Dave, this is way cool. Feels more professional than your first, too. Edgeloops are no friends of mine so I’m always looking to learn of them. I think I’ll go model a face now… too inspired by this not to.

But yeah, very nice… can’t think of anything constructive to say right now so the fanboi comment will have to do.


Another excelent time-lapse!

Greate light scheme too. :slight_smile:


btw dave, is that tubecap i see there hehe.

also, just wondering, you still using that lightsetup scriptthingy i wrote that totally sucked :smiley:


abonora:: Thanks!

Breinmeester:: I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it. I’d be more than happy to answer any questions you might have. :smiley:

oshiroii:: Glad you liked it better than the last. This one definately does’nt cause seizures. :wink:

omid_221:: Haha…Thanks. :smiley:

Equinoxx:: Hey, thanks buddy! Joy AND pride. Amazing! Hehe. Hope to talk with you soon too…Gonna…find…a way…

MRAY:: Glad you liked it!

CarlCampbell:: Glad the quality worked out ok. It took me a while to find a compression and codec that fit into a small enough file size to be usable.

Verma:: I used Camtasia, which is a proffesional screen capture suite. You can literally take full screen, realtime video of your screen while you work. It has an amazing lossless codec that aids in this. I took the captured video, and simply doubled the speed. I had to both make it viewable(it got cut from 30mins, to 15mins), and smaller in files size. You can download a fully functional 30 day trial here: http://www.techsmith.com/

gaggle:: Fanboy comments help sometimes :D. It takes alot of effort for me to make one of these, so It’s nice to hear that it provided some degree of help to some people. I’m glad it inspired you, as that was one of the main goals. Thanks for the kind words!

PiledotNET:: Thanks!

Equinoxx:: Yes, that’s Martin’s Tubcap plug! Love it. I was using your script for awhile, but I stopped using lighttracer and went back a faked GI setup. Render times are just like 10X faster. But I still do use your script on occasion for heavier stuff. Thanks again for it, man!



Hey Dave, care to mail me that lightstuff ?

looks excellent and i need to get into scripting again, so might be cool to have a look at it
and see if it’s possible to create the lights through script :slight_smile:

you have the mail addy i take i



hi that cool you are helping people how to model.
if you can give me video modeling head plz that well be good…
because i want to model a head character and i cant no how to
model it very good i need the way to model characters with
2 pictures front and left…


Wow Dave

Thanx to U i finally modeled my first decent head.
We want more!


But are you going to explain how to finish the rest of the head? Maybe even some pointers on ear modelling?