NEW The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion SCREENSHOTS


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heh. is it just me or, while the engine is all good and makes things look pretty, the character and armour design/ modelling lack substance. as well as a number of other things. lack of good design really turns me off.


Easy on the soft-glow guys.


It looks nice, especially the gladed shots, but yeah, that’s the first glowing skeleton I’ve seen.


Did I just see a rock with bloom on it? Looks like somebody’s found the ‘Make Glow’ button. :wink: Nice looking real-time renders though.


If it turns out to be as good as morrowind I can easily see my life dissapearing into it…


I guess the look direction is inspired by sky captain and the world of blooms.


Oh good, it’s the pictures. I thought I’d gotten vaseline in my eyes.

…and before you can ponder how that would happen, I take my leave.



I think the pics look great technically (i.e. high details, glows, sharp textures, bump maps), but the “look” of the art direction seems a little boring. But maybe that’s just me.


Sweet! Normal maps and soft glow join bump maps and lens flares in the CG Hall of Shame.

If you can’t get it right with 1k polys, what makes you think 100k is going to make a difference. Honestly.


why would normal maps and bump maps be in the cg hall of shame? i can understand lens flares because they are fundamentally lame, but bump and normal maps are pretty essential to describing surfaces, as are blooms to environments in certain situations.


I meant in games, as I rarely see them well done and used appropriately. The shots of Morrowwind above are absolutely atrocious. I didn’t mean it as a universal, hell I’ve seen lens flares done well too, but its susceptibility to abuse is infamous. The shots above look like they didn’t spend the time and effort to realize a good design on the armor/weapons and instead just threw on normal mapped ornamentation to compensate lack of texture work.


definately an improvement over Morrowind but as mentioned some things look very out of place.



They are making some major improvements that are going to make the world much more enjoyable, such as:

They are aiming for about 1000 NPC (morrowind had about 2500) but each one will be unique, have its own schedule, as in the will go to work, during the day, to home at night, get food by either buying, stealing or hunting, if they get caught poaching on the kings land or stealing, the guards will arrest them and put them in jail, the NPCs will audibly talk to each other so you can listen in and get info, or hear them talking about their day, and much more.

They are going to be using the Havok Physics engine so objects will move about naturally and they promise that Archery will be amazing (they have removed thrown weapons and crossbows though)

The landmass is going to be larger than that found in Morrowind so they have included fast travel (not sure how that is going to work) and mounts.

There will be fewer quests than in Morrowind, but they eliminated the boring quests, such as “I need you to go buy me a book”. All quests will be more involved then previously.

There are probably more surprises to come.

This is one of the few games that I am looking forward to (Guild Wars and Dungeon Siege are the other two).


DS2 was looking VERY pretty the last ime I played it. It is shaping up to be a killer title.


Yes they overdid it with the bloom in a lot of places, but I think these screens look great. Certainly I’ve seen far, far worse on the front-page of cgtalk, and this is real-time. They should add some sort of shadows to the characters though, even if it’s just the old dark splotches under their feet. They look kinda floaty right now.


The things about the first game… It seemed a bit lifeless. After a while you just felt “whats the point” Hopefully that will be a bit better this time.


aye, it is. A couple of us from my school got to tour thier studios and it looked like so much fun. Should be releasing soon I think. Gotta love the good ol’ hack-n-slash.



I don’t know why you guys knock it, but for me this looks simply amazing. The art direccion is not bad at all, I think it perfectly fits the overall theme of the game. They could turn down the bloom though.

Im saving my vacation time until this is released. I still rank Morrowind as one of the top 10 best games ever.


i dont really care about the bloom. its a few % too much but its not what kills design. its whole kinder surprise looking armour/weaponry, to monsters that have no thought put into them. they look 100% generic.
normal maps mostly work when used right. a lot of these normal maps look rushed, to say the least.

the forests, and that one city shot with the church in it however look very nice.