New Sponza model..., Gregory Glezakos (3D)


Title: New Sponza model…
Name: Gregory Glezakos
Country: Uganda
Software: Digital Fusion, Lightwave 3D, Photoshop

I took a break from my current work and tried out the new Sponza model found at Crytek’s web site here:

This current model is the “Atrium Sponza Palace, Dubrovnik” created by Frank Meinl, who improved the original Sponza model that was created by Marko Dabrovic in early 2002.

Rendered using LightWave 9.6HC version. I color graded the EXRs in Fusion, then added some glows and grains in Photoshop…


Some more pics…


Really nice! Love the colours and all the details!


awesome work.
I like your composition and color choices. The renders are great.
The only thing I would modify are some of the hard edges.

Is the “lion head” at the end of the corridor modeled or just a texture?


I didn’t do any modeling work, as the model was made by Frank Meinl, as mentioned in my first post, or else a lot of things would need corrections…
I only did materials, lighting, rendering and composition…
The lion head is modeled in low rez and have a normal map applied with finer details…



Nice colors, setting and atmosphere. Keep it up!


nice color matchup


nice translucency effects. well done:)


nice translucency effects. well done:)


Render is nice but you gotta tone down the intensity of colour a little bit. Looking a bit fake as it looks like you have put a area light at every curtain. Tone it down a little bit. Otherwise your render is great


nice renders :wink:


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