New smoke simulation added to 2.5 SVN


Not only that, the next post was about a speedgain of 400%


Don’t know the percentage, but the smoke1.blend posted on the blog sure goes a hell of a lot quicker in 22273 than it did in 22149.


“way crazy computer” ? Its just a normal everyday workstation/gaming machine. So the videos shown are pre-calculated then.


i just tested it for the first time on my work computer:

win XP 64bit
quad core Q9950 @ 2,83GMZ
8 GB of ram.

it works really fast! realtime even!!
And i’m sure more speed improvements are going to be done (although not 400% ones :P)

so no… videos are not pre-calculated i think. with my computer i’m getting the same results without precalculating.


Me too! Just tried smoke1.blend file with the build 22292, now I can get around 6fps with my i7 920 and GeForce 285 1gb and that’s seems not the low res settings but some kinda render quality… speechless… I’m not an FX addict but I don’t remember any other program that do something like this, am I wrong?

Now I’ll try to find the quality settings and drop them down a bit.


Cool tests from Testscreenings in the dedicated smoke thread in BA

“way crazy computer” ? Its just a normal everyday workstation/gaming machine. So the videos shown are pre-calculated then.

Nothing precalculated, nothing like a cache yet, real time.


In some months there will no absolutely any reason to continue using max. The list of things that are going to come to blender are impressive. It has many things that max lacks and I was tired for years of waiting for (fluids, compositor, sculpt, painting on the mesh…).

I am still learning blender but enjoying it every second I dedicate. Each time there are less things that I miss from max.


Just now there are around 5 people entering the blender forum versus 66 in maya forum and around 55 in max forum here in cgtalk. You will see the new number of people entering this forum when 2.5 comes out with smoke and the new UI and etc…


They’re not pre-calculated, caching hasn’t been implemented yet so what you see in all of those videos is being calculated on the fly.

edit: whoops, beaten by Nevroptere


A lot of the high res smoke simulations are not in real-time. Blender has a screen cast feature that will take a picture every time the frame changes(I think this is how it works? Not actually sure how often it takes a picture). This is done by hitting Alt+F3 and then hitting play.

However, if the simulation is relatively low res it will run in real-time. I can get a resolution around 40 without lag on my machine, which is pretty awesome. Also, as many have mentioned, a cache feature has yet to be implemented. :slight_smile:

This is very exciting :smiley:



Great tutorial from Allan Brito to make a basic smoke system


In regards to that tutorial, you will get much, MUCH better results if you set the normal value to around .1 or lower.

This is because the smoke acts and behaves on its own. It just needs a base of particles to emit it in the first place. Having a high normal value will give you very poor results.


very cool new demovideo by magiciandude utilizing the opengl output for compositing:



Seeing how great the smoke is will there be any fire builds in the near future?


You can already make nice fire effects with or without particles in Blender

(Vimeo: blender + fire)


these look very good but I was looking for something like this with driven dynamics behind it.



I don’t know of anything specific being currently developed for fire,
except for the smoke off course but I’m pretty sure one of the ideas was/is to use fire in Durian,
so I would think so, yes. :slight_smile:


I am thinking that fire is just a coloured smoke with a transition from blue to yellow to red and then to black and transparent/extinction. And drive by a wind blowing this smoke upwards. So perhaps smoke as is is already able to make fire.

Perhaps just no one smoke but two or three overlapped smokes.


Nope it is not. :slight_smile: The combustion process is simply an important phase that needs to be modelled (either accurately or not as accurate, but not modeling it at all is…bad).


the developer of the smoke simulator plans to incorporate fire also yes. it’ll use the same system as smoke so they will work nicely together.
Smoke will still need a little work (like good caching) and hopefully he’ll be able to work on fire then.