New smoke simulation added to 2.5 SVN


The new smoke simulation was added to the SVN a couple of days ago - looks awesome. Even works in the viewport.

example file and video’s:



Mmmmh… I think these posts are more illustrative… :wink:

And all in the 3D view, yummy! :smiley:


:eek: I think i picked a good time to finally get into Blender. Finding more cool stuff all the time!



Very impressive!! There are some dust effects i am going to need to do in the near future. Hope i can use this :slight_smile:


Wow. That’s all playing in the editor?!?!?! This is amazing. It puts the most expensive Max plugins to shame.


It’s unbelievable… it plays in the vieport at that speed!?


I hope Blender keeps Autodesk honest.


Can the OP confirm that thats playing in realtime in the viewport? ie. not prebaked, pre calculated?


Well, Daniel Genrich (the smoke developer) bought a way crazy computer with donated money from the community. I can imagine him getting those high frame rates, because in average, others stated they get 1 fps (which is still quite fast) with their own computers.


Pretty sure it is, as he stated in the comments on his blog that the cache feature is not yet implemented.
Like toontje says though, he’s got some silly hardware he’s running it on.
And you need an openmp build to get multithreading to work.

I’m running on garbage hardware, so I’m obviously not getting anywhere near the same level of performance, but it seems just as responsive or more responsive as other smoke simulation solutions I’ve tried.


If someone is getting 1fps on a reasonable modern cheap computer (2.6ghz, 4 core for example) Then theres nothing which is going to be the 30x faster needed to get such a frame rate. A supremely high end 16-32 core workstation with cpu daughterboards would only be around 3-5 times faster.


That’s his station

But if you look under the last videos published, you can see “made by nudelZ”


I tried the SVN 22149 with the smoke1.blend from his blog. I can only get 1fps, for now there’s no cachable system for the smoke.

My config:
Pentium i7 920
6 gb ram
nVidia GeForce GTX 285 1gb

Anyway the Daniels effort is larger than life!
Holy smoke! :thumbsup:


That’s the same build I’ve been testing.
Not sure it’s built with openMP so it utilizes all cores or not though.

Just tested real quick, and it looks like 22149 is only using core 1 on my AMD 4800+ when calculating smoke.


I have only noticed 1 64bit Linux build that mentioned openMP in its name,
so I’m willing to bet that the build you tried quite possibly was not compiled with openMP.

for an example iirc. if you want to compile something with openMP for windows,
visual studio is the only way to go, many don’t have a license for that. :slight_smile:

but official builds are compiled with the support so hopefully final will be much better. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’m not too fussed about it, it’s not like I’ll be doing anything serious with the alpha builds anyway.
And I’m sure there’ll be other speed optimizations along the way as well.

Also, isn’t there OpenCL support in the works?


planned - yes.

in works - no.

the devs have agreed to support openCL as the cross platform standard that it is,
but development would only really start once the standard is out,
together with usable drivers for developers to actually use, at least the way I’ve got it. :slight_smile:


Simulating these videos takes quite some time, fast systems can get about 1FPS others will take a few secs per frame.
but who knows that GPU computing brings in the future :wink:


It can give clues in term of quality/performance