New Simcloth Tests


Hi all,

Thanks to a bit of a break from my day job as an editor, I’ve had some time to play with some of the new features of EIAS (only just upgraded to 6.5 from 5.5!), must say I am impressed. So here are a few Simcloth tests (all object animation / dynamics done with Simcloth)


Yep, lots of fun. As you can see, the default setup for cloth makes it look too much like a flexible rubber sheet or wet cloth. It has nothing to do with the plastic texture applied to it, I’m talking about the cloth behavior. I’m trying to recreate more realistic effects. With time (Oh my…) I’ll post them with the setup info.
Nice tests James, thanks for sharing. I really like the soccer net.


Yeap the football net is my favourite too :wink:

The one with the cubes that land on the ground and end up looking crushed slightly gave me an idea… You could make a car chassis out of this stuff, run the car into a wall (and/or off a cliff) and watch it crumple :slight_smile:

If only I had the time to try it out…
Cool tests!:thumbsup:


Thanks for sharing. Nice tests.

Just a general question about sphere shapes used in SimCloth - has anyone been able to make a ball shape that doesn’t have a pinched end? All tests I do with Simcloth and a ball shape end up looking like a rolling water filled balloon. Even when I tweak the settings, there still remains a tiny pinched bit on the sphere’s surface. Is this just the nature of the simulation?


Thanks guys,

Just wanted to show this great free plug could be fairly versatile, as regards the pinching of the sphere I think has something to do with the way a sphere is tesselated (i.e Tighter triangles at the poles), I have not managed to solve it yet, but try these settings which I found made it much less apparent on the football:
Plane projection
I’m sure with more tweaking it could be virtually unnoticeable
(This was for an ubershape sphere 6 G units radius, subdiv 18/36 both directions).

Another possible solution might be to use weight maps on the poles of the sphere, no time to try this (anyone?),



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