NEW SILO 2.0 Preview Videos!!!


NEW SILO 2.0 Preview Videos!!! Cool Stuff!


Wow, the displacement painting is very nice. Dare I say it (heck, as a paid-up ZBrush user I will) but I’ve been waiting for high frequency displacement painting in a “regular” 3D environment. I assume Nevercenter aren’t the only folks adding this to their app, I guess Pixologic are going to have to really impress with ZBrush 2.5 if they want to enjoy the “no alternative” position they’ve had for some 3D tasks up till now.

Both Nevercenter and Luxology totally rock when it comes to keeping their users up to date during development - something some of the other vendors are mostly piss-poor at.


wow! those are awesome! i especially like that painting thing. :applause:
i still dont see any changes to the manipulator though. i know it isnt a biggie but it would be good if they added the “in-between handles” to the manipulators. and i’d like to see the object manager too.
awesome videos! :bounce:


The changes in the manipulator has been announced or was showing in previous video where you can see subobject manipulation.


oh, guess i missed that. :slight_smile:


Looks great. I think I should buy now till it´s getting more expensive.
The UV unwrapping video is nice. It shows non subdivided mesh.
Will the UV interpolation work correctly with subdivisions on? Without distortions ?
And most important, the .obj export with UVs to other apps.
Will it be possible without headache ?


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