New Session?


Sweet sheep…can’t wait man.:slight_smile:


Must animate, neeeeeed animation fix nowwwwwww!

Perhapse something in the style of Didgit’s EA animation competition? (which may well be makeing a return at least in the uk, so sayeth a source).


whats that loki?

do you have a link?


Hey!! I’m already in!!

Can’t wait anymore mr. sheep pleeeeeeeeeaaaase :scream:

Vitor Vilela


Hey RaisedByWolves!
Thanks a lot! Very kind of you to explain :thumbsup:.

Seems to me like I just missed the last session and now its than phantom thing that never shows (“duke nukem for ever”). Like the fishing rod you’re running for but is always directly in front of you.

titaniumdave: The site seems cool. But kinda distorted. Every Image I receive here is broken and the zips won’t open. Is the server fallen victim to a EMP-Attack?! Never seen something like that. Anyone gotta mirror?
And plzzzz!! show us the files you already practice on! Maybe we can match a little on that :scream:


Eh, probably won’t have time for this one. :frowning: But hey, I made a free rig for max 5 and up. So if anyone want’s to take it for a spin. go here :slight_smile:


hey harmonic01- thanks for the free rig. I just downloaded it and I love it so far. I am fairly new to character animation but I’m going to try it out. thanks again.


geeez, still no new session?!?


Come on Sheep, hit us with another monologue one!! December starts tomorrow…


Thats exactly what i am waiting for :slight_smile:


Ah ok! I have to do a 10 seconds lipsync as a schoolproject. Would love to combine it with a challenge… I will hang on untill this weekend to finally choose my audiosnippet…


Sorry it took so long to get back here, i’ve just been finishing up on my work contract,

the EA competion was in 2003 (i think) and may well run again next year (2005, haveing asked Matthew Jeffery of EA at the ‘SAND games/commertials’ show in swansea in the UK,
his answer being “yes I was sucsessful for us” and “…we may well run it again yes.”).

I consisted of produceing 5 (again, i think) motion cycles (hero) with character
with a maximum duration of 30 seconds.

I just think it would be nice to do something with no lipsync/sound covering the basics of character animation.

Haveing had a look at a couple of things that did well, it seemed they where primarily looking at basics like timeing and weight as well as pace. Although haveing good story telling skills seem to help (funney did well).


I guess everyone right now is pretty hyped up for the opening of animation mentor, its probably a cool time to start a new challenge maybe.

? :slight_smile:


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