New Session?


Hey sheep:) How about a new session for the month of Dec? I’m really in need of one. Hope we get one soon.:slight_smile: If you need ideas…drop me a line and we can brainstorm bro:)


Yep, another session would be great! :bounce:


We could organize one without the Sheep guy, we just obviously couldn’t award the ceremonial trophy picture.

It just wouldn’t be official - more of a practice animation session.

I’m sure someone has three or so themed and suitable wave files.



I don’t think it would need to be a session that has dialog…maybe, I don’t know…I was thinking maybe something along the lines of someone opening a present and capturing whatever feelings they have after without any sound or anything…but if you someone has something better in mind…I don’t care at all…just ready for a new one:) Perhaps we could start brainstorming right in here…so drop any and all ideas.:slight_smile:


no organizing without me , hold your horses.

i am sorry for the delay guys , things were pretty crazy , but the new one will be announced tonight around 12 am


Hehe…figured that get you going:) I would never step on your toes kind sir.:slight_smile:


Get something i can do!
Bouncing Ball! Wahoo!


I vote for spinning cube! :wink:


Steady on! How bout gently-moving-to-the-left-a-bit-cube…?


hopefully i can get in on this, if i get the time.

i need the practice


…if only this session had gotton started earlier. I don’t think I have time to finish this one by Christmas.


next one will go for 2 weeks instead of a month.

announcing in 4 hours or so… :wink:


Did I miss something?!?! Don’t wanna be late!! :eek:

2 weeks is all enough I think, isn’t it?
And RaisedByWolves? Its not only about that waves. Aren’t there caracters You can Work with? But OK. The soundfiles is the must! The thing the competition is about.
Whould be my first one, but I know I can make it. I know it!


Hehe, seems you got lost in a time trap.


Its the sheep timezone, something like -40 GMT. :wink:


That Sheep guy is obviously very busy.

The contest does not provide you with free models, Ewerybody, but it does encourage you to seek the multitude of free models that are online. This is cause the purpose of the competition is to demonstrate good animating skills, not modeling and rigging.

I know in past sessions that scary troll thing and that bald guy have been very popular models to use. They are already fully rigged and have a great range of motion/emoting.

Maybe someone who knows their current URLs can post them?

You’ll have to search for the exact rules, but they want one camera (no cutting to different views), viewing the whole model (this is a full-body animation competition). Ideally, they want the character on a plain background -they don’t ban scenery or environment elements, but they are not to be considered when choosing a winner.

Oh, and they have a certain quicktime format that they prefer for export.

I don’t know, Mr. Wolf jump-frogging a sheep, it’s gettin very tempting to just post three wave files on here…



dammit , I came home and dsl was not working.

I am just preparing a example movie for this session , it is different from anything we have done before.

but by all means , if you are itching to animate , start doing something on your own.


I believe this is the site.

And its time to get right back to working on my scene. :thumbsup:


Aehm, is the theme already announced? I’m clueless.


No its not announced. I have a few wav files that I’m starting to animate with. So while I wait for the new theme to be announced I can get busy and practice on my own.