New rig, MTI_Audine


Okay, after a long time of catching dust on my harddrive, I’ve finally finished everything for the rig. The rig itself has been finished for some time, but I never really got around to the manual etc. But it’s done now.
Ladies and gentleman, freakydude and balade present: MTI_Audine.


she and little_fella get along well:
stickman is a little less fortunate, but he doesn't complain:
and grabbing the goat by the horns:

Download areas:
have fun.


The Zip file doesn’t seem to contain any texture files, nor are they loading in blender. Were you going to post them seperate from the rig or as part of the zip file?

on another note the rig seems to be very flexible in the actions you can make it do, I’m quite impressed.


Damnit, no they should’ve been in there…off to fix that…

darn it… when you think you’ve double checked everything you always forget the most obvious…



FEDB from blenderartists notified me of a certain bug, WITH solution! Gotta love that service.
The texture paths are absolute instead of relative.
I’ll make a new zip file as soon as I get home.


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