new read bull movie (VRAYforC4D used)


for all interested, the new redbull movie is online since yesterday on the redbull site about the Korean grans prix:

all 3d its made by Aixsponza, with cinema4d and Vray used.

love their work, congratulation to all the aixsponza team!



Each year Aixsponza blows me away with these Red Bull jobs and each year they get even better. Amazing work.


There will be a presentation by one of the Aixsponza guys on the MAXON Roadshow in Frankfurt today.


yes Matthias will be there i think , this is certainly worth to see him and get some inside info.
he is one of the or the main c4d/vray artist there. great guy. knows everything about c4d it seems;-)



some info from Matthias/aixsponza- he posted in german forum about render process:

the very start rocks is houdini+zbrush, all rest, also landscape ect C4d + Vray,
the trees are all vray proxies. project time 8-10 weeks.
it was rendered in full HD, render time amazingly only 20-30min/frame

they used direct bruteforce/lightcache GI, without any baking.
ram usage was 10gig, on some scenes with many trees 14gig



Awesom-o 3000!


Great work!


Sorry I haven’t seen this thread before - but now that I have discovered it I’ll reply to questions you might have :slight_smile: All smoke in the animation is TurbulenceFD by the way.

And thanks for the praise Stefan but I think I’m far from knowing everything about c4d yet :wink:
Also I hope you guys liked the talk I gave in Frankfurt at the roadshow. I know that I enjoyed that day very much and thanks to Maxon for having me.



Mazab I am curious about how you guys pull off such large productions:
How long does a production like this take your team?
How many animators worked on it?
I assume you must have or use a render farm for the final renders. In general, how long does something like this take to render?



It took 10 weeks start to finish. During the animatic phase there were four guys doing camera and rough car animations. Then when we had the animatic approved there was just one guy doing all the detailed animations of the car and the driver. The rig for car/driver is automated quite a bit so for example you don’t need to animate the arms and hands at all as they simply follow the steering wheel which in turn follows the front wheels which follows the general car animation. So the car steers by itself (with the possibility to keyframe animate on top of that). As we did quite a lot of formula1 animations by now our car rig is quite advanced by now if I may say so.

Render took place over roughly two weeks on our 42 machines renderfarm. Computers are MacPros 8core, 16core or 24core. With 10Gig of RAM, a few machines have 16Gig of RAM which are organized in a smaller “sub-farm” for RAM intensive renderings.


Damn you guys… whenever you release a new animation I end up soiling a perfectly good pair of pants :twisted:

Excellent work as always guys. Congratulations on yet another epic animation!!!



Thanks! You’re sharing this info really helps others understand how much computing power full HD renders of such high quality takes. However something doesn’t quite add up for me.

Given that there were 42 machines of varying power working on it
and Stephan said it took each machine 20-30 mins per HD frame
and its a 3 minute long animation
then it should have taken a weekend to render the whole thing, not 2 weeks. Thats a huge difference.

Is my math way off?

and I mean this all in a friendly way! There’s no way of conveying my tone when I post this.


We are not rendering the animation once. There are various passes that go to each scene and that adds rendertime. Typically we render Sky / Background / City / Racetrack / Car / SpecialEffects (smoke…) on seperate layers so we can work on them individually in comp. So for each scene there need to be at least 5 passes to be rendered, which of course takes longer to render than a single complete frame would. Also I agree that AixSponza is a really awesome company, but even we render crap :slight_smile: So sometimes things need to be rerendered. There needs to be a buffer for errors as well. Though I have to say especially with the Korea animation things went really well and our great-versus-crap ratio was quite good.

Additionally we can’t hit “render the whole thing”. Every single shots need to be set up and taken care of. There is not big Master-Asset for the whole thing. We’ve got the basic things in a big asset but for every shot we manually add things like tire barries, rails, wheeltrails on the asphalt, trees,… and all kind of small detail thing until the shot looks really good in camera. That takes time as well. We try to keep the farm busy rendering but sometimes there just no new shot ready to be rendered which of course wastes a bit of rendertime as the clients just sit there doing nothing. We try to keep it balanced and the farm running especially at night and weekends. But we rather have the farm not rendering for a few hours and make a shot even nicer than the other way round.


Thanks for the info Mazab, and a great animation.

So now for the question everyone else is too polite to ask: What’s the budget like on a job like this? £10k £30k? £50?


As you can obviously ask any question you like I’d like to keep the right to not answer some of them :wink:


Thought you might say that :slight_smile: Just thought I’d be a bit cheeky.

Did you model the cars in C4D, and was this done by hand or from imported data and did Red Bull help?

What did you comp it in?


We get the construction CAD files from RedBullRacing. Of course that’s very helpful but it doesn’t save that much work compared to modeling it on your own. Converting the CAD Rhino files to usable polygon models for production takes quite a lot of time and skill as well. But of course by using original RedBull CAD files we ensure that it’s absolutely 100% correct.

Compositing was done in AfterEffects.


Fascinating stuff - thanks again for the insight.


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