New Re-topology tool: Wrapit


Hello all, I’d thought I’d take this opportunity to demonstrate a new tool I’ve been developing for 3dsmax 2008 and above.

     Wrapit is essentially a tool for conforming meshes to other meshes.  This lends itself to various scenarios such as retopoligising high-res meshes like those created in Zbrush, mudbox etc and creating low poly proxies for situations where those are preferable, like collision detection etc.
     Obviously there are other solutions for retopoligising, although I've never really enjoyed that process in Zbrush, and learning new tools can be a chore.  I love Polyboost, but my aim in developing Wrapit was to keep it as simple as possible:  What if you could use the existing set of 3ds Max's editable polygon tools but over the surface of another object?
     Well, Wrapit allows you to do just that, using all the editable poly tools you're familiar with, in any sub object mode, edge loops, edge rings, connect,  bridge, chamfer, relax, soft selection, target welds, cut tool etc.  When Wrapit's 'Autowrap' mode is active anything you do with your editable poly model is conformed to the surface of your target. 
     I find myself shift dragging edges mostly which is extremely effective at fleshing out large parts of mesh at once.  Using the relax tool to relax a mesh over the surface of another has proved to be a bit of a 'wow' moment for those testing.
      It's fast too, wrapping to a mesh in the millions of polygons region doesn't have too big a hit.
     Anyway, enough talk, here are some examples of a slightly old beta in action. 

I should point out these aren't in any way indications of good retopology, I was just playing really, but hopefully they are an indication of speed and ease of blocking out shapes.
     [[b]Link back up[/b]](  
    Still ironing out a few glitches, but I'm interested in what you think.


Matt, that looks VERY cool!



We do ALOT of rebuilding topology from CAD. This looks very interesting indeed.
Please keep us updated.



I know you probably want to keep your awesomeness safe, but I’m really curious on the tech behind the tool… are you just using maxscript? or you doing some crazy c++ stuff?


Brilliant, it looks fast too!

This might also be great for creating morph targets… wrap the 2 indentical meshes around 2 completely different objects and you’ve got 2 meshes that will have the same mesh structure so the morpher will work correctly.


Want this, right now! :wink: Could be used to retopology CAD terrains… would make my life a lot easier.


Congratulation for this usefull tool!
It will be free or it’s in-house tool? Or commercial?


It looks really great thumbs up. Did you use the paul hormis approach, with shrink wrap??


Mindblowing! This is the exact way one would like retopologizing done. At least for me!


Great tool, maybe share some insights!?


BRILLIANT! i’m glad to finally see this online man!!!


Impressive videos o_O

The best retopology tool i’ve seen so far.
This is better an faster then any other.


For now there’s a “bandwidth limit exceeded error”, but I’m stay tuned, I’m so curious :-9

Keep on testing …



Very interested but you have run out of bandwidth. COuld you post it up ona free site, eg if they are videos, you tube .




same bandwidth problem…
please upload on youtube!
i’m very interested!


Hi Matt,

Sounds a perfect tool for what i’m doing at the moment, i’ll have to wait and see the vids. Will it be free or have you an approximate price in mind when you release it?

Also if you need help, I’d be quite happy to Beta test it for you.



Excellent Matt, your tool rocks, simple and efficient. :deal:


Wow… awesome and sad at the same time.

Awesome because it looks so simple (i guess the math behind it isn’t) and has this great functionality. This is, how a cloth modeller should really be.

And it’s sad, that a single person developed this on his own. I wished, that the max dev team would have come up with this. Thanks for sharing this great tool with us. It will revolutionise the way people will model character clothings or characters themself.

Well done, Matt


Just seen the vids Matt, that looks awesome.



Thanks for all the interest, you managed to force my site into meltdown. It’s back up now and the videos are hosted on Veoh to ease the burden.

To answer a few questions:

I don’t want to go into too much detail about how it works, suffice to say it’s all scripted, but don’t let that fool you, it’s very fast and stable.

Wrapit will be a commercial release but we’re talking pocket money here, still be decided.

I’ll try and put up some better videos, and document a few more features when I can.