New Railway Project


Started this project a few hours ago after having talked to a few of my friends. Stole some little trains from my dad and started modelling. here is what I came up with for now at least, the easiest part the railway itself:

***** New Updates are on the last pages *****


wow great job i like the detail and the stone

it’s great
are u gonna plan to texture them?


thank you andylou17, i’m pretty proud of it also if I may say especially because this is the first try. i’m planning on texturing it but this is for later. I’m planning on doing a complete train environnement (building the train right now actually)


just a little update to keep this thread living here is how I made the track:
The railway are boxes and cylinders (no meshsmooth or subdividing) I’ve put a wireframe with this post. The ground is made by one little box which I twisted, chamfered without really looking intul it looked a bit like a rock. After that I used a particle system (pcloud) and I’ve used a box emitter. For the particle type i’ve used instanced geometry so i could pick my little rock i’ve made. did the same for the instancing parameters and after that I played around with the settings just to get a nice view. the ground is using 20.000 particles.



Well here is the first picture of the train (I’m making several trains started with the easiest one) worked on it now for 6 hours I think. Here is what I came up with. Hope to get some feedback.



Well My train is getting further and further. I’m not quiet happy with the cabin so I will rebuild that. Here is a picture of how the train looks like right now. Still hoping to get some C&C



Looks like its going to turn out good, one crit is the bit on the side like a sort of window looking thing with the two bits comming down in the middle, doesnt look right. Im not sure what it is so its kind of hard to say.


thanks chalkie for your comments. remodeled it right away and hope I fixed the problem. well this is my last pic for today there will be more tomorrow hope you like it.



Woke up this morning and started modeling. been doing a lot of detail work on the back of the train and the sides. started the weels but those are far from being finished for the moment here are the pics


the back


well just another update for today, front side and back view. Been out taking a lot of picture for the environnement and the other trains etc.
hope you like it please some c&c.



just one last update for today. Finished the biggest part of the train. All that is left are the wheels and everything that goes with that. here is the last render. It’s the back of the train finished with all the details.

C&C still welcome


Well here it is then after 3 days of work I finished my first train and this makes it my first completed model in 3D. I really hope you like it and will give me some C&C on it. There will be more to come.



great job man, not be a downer but any rail road tracks i’ve ever seen (being around trains alot) I notice that the nails that hold down the rails to the wood or concrete tend to have a hook to it, and simply holds the track down by itself, without a wedge thing. But awesome train. I dont know if someone has already commented but the pebbles are a bit squarish… cool design though gl. :thumbsup: Cant wait to see it mapped


thanks DieNacht for your comments I will go and look for some reference pics to update the tracks and the pebbles but before doing that I just couldn’t wait to put my train on track literaly speeking of course so i’ve done another render just for fun wondering what it looked like so here it is ready to ride through the screen :wink:



I’m doing some other renders but even my computer has a hard time on it but I found the time between classes to update the wheels they were to “boxed” (don’t now if that word exists lol) i’ve put some more edges past from 18 to 50 that should do the job I think. I’m rendering it now so it should be up to night. thanks for looking at my project



Wonderfull job dude !
Great details.
Hope you make a big animation :wink:


well here is the update a view from the back of the train


Good progress, i currently have no crits for you sorry.


thank you SimonGibson and PolyMorphix. i’m planning on doing an animation of this some time soon finishing the other trains (em starting the other trains buildings etc.) when all of that is finished there will be an animation. for now just another pic I rendered this morning. a close up of the wheels and suspension


Great Job so far. If your looking for photo real though and this is just a minor point. The ties while spaced evenly are usually laterally not perfect and they are a usually level with the ballast. That is the ballast is level with the ties. The ballast is what holds the ties in place as well as providing drainage.

Great model though. Rail is one those topics that got me looking at the artwork here at CGT. While I live in Canada I like all railroading.