New Quicktip from Maxon


The usual stuff :wink:



Lol the music! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


HAHAHA! Outstanding. Made my day!

You realize, that with this precedent set, there is no going back. All quick tips must now be set to music and done as music videos.

(bonus for rhyming “six” with “next”)


Awesome : )


Brilliant! Well done!


I was about to post the same conclusion but you beat me to it. The bar has been raised — and our expectations. :applause:


Wow! You’ve raised the bar.


that was terrific, very well done. hats off to the team for this.


Oh my word. This is absolutely fantastic. Made me smile throughout the whole thing.


The new mandatory R20 startup theme tune.


Brilliant ! i love it !


Bravo :applause:Encore


Love it…
…as Cinema4D itself


oh man, you guys rock!



Next is “Maxon’s Blog : The Musical”

I hope R20 won’t be Miserable though…


lol, Maxon) Made my day:applause:



very good.

What we need next is “The Muppets C4D Tutorial”



That should be a RMB option and the applause here just rewards times wasters.


Srek you have a the voice of an angel… the tip is pretty good too.


Noooo, that wasn’t me, i can barely talk, let alone sing. Those are Jonas and Glenn in all their glory :slight_smile: