New Product/Affordable Price-> messiah:studio workstation ($299)


By very popular demand, pmG proudly announces messiah:studio workstation edition!

There has been considerable interest in messiah:studio’s very strong character animation tools and high rendering quality. However, for many artists, messiah:studio fell well outside of their price range. Addressing this need, messiah:studio workstation is a new solution with all the powerful core animation & rendering features of messiah:studio professional, at a more affordable price.

Here’s a rundown of what’s included:

Now everyone can take advantage of the power of messiah:studio! Go to the pmG website ( and click Shop to order.

Note to current messiah:animate/studio users: check this link for update info:

We’ve been getting many email inquiries about messiah:studio workstation from people that have recieved the news from this site. I’ve included a small FAQ to address the most common questions.

Q: Can “workstation” connect to other apps?
A: messiah:studio workstation has no animation host API, this means that it can not be connected to any other application. If you’re only interested in the character animation system to connect to other apps, messiah:animate may be a better fit for you. Alternatively, if you’re interested in the renderer/shading system AND animation connectivity to other apps, you’ll need messiah:studio professional.

Q: Since “workstation” won’t have messiah:develop, can I write plugins for it?
A: Yes, you can write plugins for workstation. While messiah:develop will provide a great environment for development, it is not required for writing plugins.

Q: Will existing plugins be compatible with “workstation”?
A: Yes. Any standard 3rd-party plugin written for messiah:animate and m:s professional (up to 2.1a)will definately work with workstation. If there are plugins that take advantage of certain features not included in workstation in the future, those specific plugins may not be fully compatible.

Q: “workstation” is single node, but will it take advantage of dual processors?
A: Yes, the renderer is multithreaded and will allow you to use both processors on a single machine.

Q: Is “workstation” upgradable?
A: Yes, workstation will be upgradable to professional, but no pricing has been set at this time.



Baaah… Great looking product, but it’s wintel only, so strike me up as uninterested! :wink:

Port that stuff Lyle!!


Well, I am glad to see others following Softimage example and making the tools more afordable for the one less fortunate.


Will this version allow export to other apps, such as Lightwave or Maya… or are we limited to rendering within Messiah?


thats so cool, yeppie dee doh daa…the best surprise for christmas…


The Workstation version doesn’t have the connection host plugin, so no direct connection to 3rd party apps. You can alternatively buy the Point Oven Pro plugin which will allow you to import/export animation data and much more between apps using the MDD format, currently the supported platforms are messiah, LW, Maya, Max, C4D and XSI in the future I believe and potentially more.

Point Oven -



I would be interested if it were available for OSX. I have some powerfull Wintel boxes but I switched recently because I was headed toward a nervous breakdown because of windows. So they now gather dust as I wont ever touch them again.

I am also waiting for an Xmas offer from the creators of ZBrush. We need to model before we can animate our charachters. Do others like my subtle hint?


Wow! Awesome!! This is great! 3D applications are finally coming near my budget! Woot! :smiley:

I’d like to thank the guys over at pmG for this new price! :thumbsup:


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