New Primitives - Preview


Hello dear C4D Community!

The last couple of days, I’ve been working on some new parametric primitives for Cinema 4D.
So far, there are the following primitives:

  • Gear Torus
  • Spin Torus (does not have drag-handles yet)
  • Pillow
  • Seashell

I am planning to introduce more new primitives. The thing I was interested in is, what primitives you guys would like to see in Cinema 4D! It would be nice if you could tell me what you think in an answer to this topic.
There’s chance that I’ll go for new Spline Primitives as well.

The plugin will be working on R13.058 and R14. I’m not quite sure how you guys will be able to grab a copy, yet. But I think there will be a Lite-Version with a few primitives and a Pro-Version (for a small fee) with more.



I like the pillow most :slight_smile:

A cube in a cube (for light-blocking) with rounded edge option will be a nice primitive for building simple interior rooms with variable wall, floor/ceiling thickness.


Thanks for your answer TBA3D! Yes, I like the pillow the most, too. :wink:
Your idea is now on my list!



Always nice to have more primitives indeed…

I’ve posted this on the Lounge as well.

- link -

Rich_Art. :thumbsup:


A torus knot would be very nice:


Great idea ! All of them could be usefull.


Thanks Rich_Art! :wink:
@typografschaft: On my list. I cannot guarantee to achieve this one, but I’ll try it.
@skydistortion: Hopefully. :slight_smile:



Maybe this site can get you some help on the torus knot equations:


New primitives would be great.
Love the pillow one too and also the shell one.



Thanks! Primitives are always fun…

just maybe a little hint to something i’ve been wishing for since a long time, being able to change the size of a primitive from a bottom pivot point. (Not from the center) Would be extremely useful, this way you are not obligated to reposition your primitive after scaling or resizing.



I always use a null and in the null the object. But it would be nice to change the axis indeed.



Very cool that you’re doing this, man ! Pillow is pretty nice indeed.

   Just thinking out loud, and probably a bit too ambituous, but
   I always liked how the Profile Spline allows for making I-Beam Profiles (H shape, L Shape, T shape, ...).
   Would be cool to have something like that in a Primitive Object to quickly make corners and stuff, adjust the b,s,t, ...
   On a similar note, possibly just a different approach of the same idea: you could think of it as a Tetris-Block Primitive.  After picking a basic shape the user can adjust Length, Thickness, .... all Parametric.
   Would be useful for a lot of purposes, I think.
just my 2 bits.


@rizon: That is a good idea. I’m going to add this for all primitives.
@douwe: I like both of your ideas. Appended that to the list as well!

I’m implementing your ideas in the order they have been posted. I’m almost done with the Room primitive TBA3D suggested. :slight_smile:



Very interesting solution :slight_smile:


Applause! :slight_smile: so looking forward to this!! Awesome!


Thanks, remember trying this out but I still prefer to be able to re-size in 1 direction in the attribute manger, that would be heaven…


Hi folks! :slight_smile:

   Here's the Room-Primitive TBA3D requested. Booling also works fine so far.
   - Handles for width/height/depth
   - Handles for thickness (can be toggled)
   - Fillet for inner cube
   - The inner cubes' normals are aligned correctly.

Click to view full-size.



That room primitive will speed up my workflow no end. Good work.


room primitive looks dope!


nice looking :slight_smile: , these are some (from max)