New Polygon Reduction - Falloff?


Hi there,
I’m trying to assign a falloff to the new Polygon Reduction Generator on the C4D R19. This could be a VERY POWERFUL tool, if we achieve it!

As you know, Poly Reduction is no longer a modifier, because now it’s a generator. So FallOff plugins don’t work.

I’ve done some tests with x-presso, but I think I’m missing something…

I attach here the scene, so if someone can take a look and help:




It won’t work unfortunately.

One hacky / intensive solution might be to use the shrink wrap deformer - possibly layer it up and see what happens. Or alternatively, have several poly reductions at different % and use some creative pose morph setup. - There is something there - hopefully that triggers a solution for someone. I’m just throwing it up in the air -

The second sphere has 500 divisions or so.


That was not bad!
I’ll try it as soon I arrive to the studio.


Hey Kaptain Kubrick
I’m trying to imitate what you just showed here, but -I don’t know why- something’s wrong…
The resulting sphere seems to be rounded in a strange and ugly way… And when deleting phong tag I see that the number of polygons is the same one.
Could you please share with me your .C4D file?
Thanks again!


Hey - I might play around and work on multiple versions to get a more rugged / decimated look -

here is the file -


Thanks very very very much!