New Polar express trailer


have at it


The animation (or the lack there of) on the main characters , especially the kid is killing me. He looks like a zombie in all the shots.

I am sorry but it seems that multimillion dollar mo-cap system didnt work as well as expected.


I agree with u, Sheep Factory…
The animation is not really good and lack of personality for the characeters… sigh… Hopefully the story goes well…



I’ve been thinking it for years,
but I held my tongue because I know there are useful applications for it(and still are, like sports games and such).

But no longer,

mocap freakin sucks!
I dont understand how gigantic studios STILL have the idea in their brain that they’re going to produce realistic and convincing feature character animation with motion capture!?

its a fast tool, great for things that need to be cranked out quickly, like an ANIMATED TV SHOW, where the bizzare turrets like twitches of the characters are almost acceptable, as we all can understand the stress you will be under to put out an entire tv series.

But for a full length animated movie,
I say there is no excuse,
sure you can use mocap sparingly…
but as the main driving force!? I am not afraid to say that it is not acceptable!

Even when you have some of the best character animators in the biz tweaking and putting their touches over the mocap, inevitably, it still comes out with that wierd “cant put your finger on it but something is off” look.

i’m not going to get too technical,
I am not a professional animator and don’t claim to be, I can only call it as I see it.

Just look at Final Fantasy: Spirits Within
if you dont think those characters lost “something” by going with mocap over mainly hand keyframed animation, then you can argue with me.

But I for one have not seen a final motion capture product that holds its own as a finely tuned to perfection piece of artwork.

But thats just my thoughts.

P.S. with all that said… I just wanted to add… WOAH! the visuals in that movie are just incredible! CGI sure has come a LOOoooong way.


The characters look no better than those in Final Fantasy! There was soo much hype for this movie a couple years ago…sad to see how it has turned out.:surprised


Regretfully, the lipsync animation looks about as articulated as Final Fantasy ever was. Hopefully it will have a good story.

EDIT: beaten like a thief, sorta


Ugh. Zombies. What a waste of money…grrrrr…


eww they used mocap for this? I didn’t know that til I just read it here. I agree, mocap shouldn’t be used on a movie like this. No exaggeration, no squash and stretch or what not, just zombies like Sheep said.

Not sure about this movie… Those kids just looked… creepy…

Oh well, I’ll still be giving it a chance at the theaters.

-Tom N.



The characters look like something from a wax museum come to life…barely alive anyway.

The rest of the visuals look great. It looks like they suceeded in creating a believable world. Kind of Harry Potterish. No wonder that it’s playing in front of the new Harry Potter movie this Friday.

Maybe it will look better on the big screen?

I have to agree that mocap just doesn’t fit in this kind of movie. Sports games, and live action, feature film integration seems to be the place for that tool. :hmm:

Oh well, good luck to the movie and all the people who are working on it.



Did they use motion capture for their faces? If they did, they shouldn’t have. I’m a fan of mocap for body movements but not facial.


wasn’t one of the biggest complaints in FF the facial expressions? they looked so static and unnatural. didn’t anyone learn from this? the trailer showed the same lack of expressions.


Well, I wasn’t too impressed. Motion capture has it’s place in cinema today. It worked so well with Gollum in lord of the rings and other live action films. But it went wrong in this example. Maybe the actor’s performance were lackluster as well. That might’ve contributed.


I actually like the look of it. It does have the look of one of those really well drawn childrens books. As for the animation. Yeah, its pretty stiff. But I wouldn’t write off the movie just yet. I think the story and popularity of the book will still get a lot of people into the theatres, especially around Christmas time.


welll… hmmmmmm. I think it looks better than Final Fantasy, in reference to the animation, but yeah, still not great.

Wasn’t Golem mocap?


yucky from an animation standpoint, definately. Maybe the story will be OK, but for a really compelling movie, you have to empathise with the characters. No Chance of that here from what I can tell. They would have been better of using puppets, because then you have a certain amount of leeway as far as “Suspension of disbelief” (There is a cliche for ya! :slight_smile: )…

The other thing I have never understood is why they insist on making a full CG movie based around human characters! There are 4 billion of us in REAL LIFE, just shoot it! Instead, they hire Tom Hanks to do the voice (at like $100,000 a minute), then model a character that resembles him anyway, just more corpse like! :smiley:

my 2c, I will judge it when it’s out.


Golem was partly mocap, they shot the mocap movements of Andy, then realised they werent going to be realistic enough. So they took the mocap and built on it. That was my understanding anyway.


Everything looks fine, but it is funny how facial expressions and facial movements, including skin textures put a great damper on the presentation of the movie. What is wrong with doing a cartoon look for the faces and staying away from trying so hard to mimic the face and still failing at it. If those characters had more of a cartoon look and less something in between real life and cartoon, then I would say wow to the trailer, but the characters killed my liking for it.

Everyone wants to make quick bucks out of CG movies, and the sad thing, many people will pay to see this sort of flick. So sad. :cry:


^^^ agreed behzad

Just a big company trying to cash in on the “3d hype”. Maybe its the time of the year, I just don’t fell that “Christmassy”

Still its hard to judge a movie on the trailer, shots not finished etc.
maybe its a bad trailer not a bad movie.


Yes you are right, lets not judge the movie yet, but after seeing shrek2, people expectations have been raised. Even children can tell if that character is real or close to life like or not. Lets wait and see, but the other effects in the movie are great so far.


Everything looks gorgeous, except the characters - which look like they’re out of a video game. Just completely unconvincing. The wolves looked great, though.