New Plugin::Storm Tracer Released


San Francisco, California - Saturday July 24th 2004:
Uslar, Germany - Sunday July 25th 2004: For Immediate Release:

   The Third Party is pleased to announce the release of Storm Tracer 1.0 Early Bird & XStacy::Elements for Maxon's Cinema 4D release 8.5.

   Storm Tracer is a brand new high speed volumetric placard/sprite rendering system designed around the Cinema 4D architecture with the ability to render hundreds of thousands or even millions of textured, normal or bump mapped illuminated placards in seconds or minutes. Storm Tracer extends the effects capabilities of Cinema 4D extensively. More information about storm tracer and examples are available here: [](

   XStacy::Elements is a graphical user interface enhancement for Cinema 4D replacing elements within the interface with The Third Party's own elements. This brings new levels of functionality and beauty to the interface enhancing the look, fell and workflow of the application. More information is available here: [](

   Pricing and availability:

   Storm Tracer is priced at an introductory offer of 150 euros for the Early Bird.  It is available from []( and [](

   XStacy::Elements is exclusively available for free with Purchases of Storm Tracer.


As usual impressive!!! :thumbsup: :bounce: :buttrock:



but but but

                     no   money..............


really awesome plugins.

I checked Storm Tracer gallery and must say that the effects look quite realistic. I like the effect when Otto is changing into a cloud. Would be nice to make a cloud monster using this plugin.

About XStacy. It is nice too. It makes C4D look a bit like XSI.
I hope Maxon will update the interface in the next release of Cinema.


though paypal seems to think that there is only one language in switzerland (wake up there is 4!) i’ve manage to pass through the process in german…

I’m waiting impatiently my serial. Woo Hoo :bounce:

Do you plan to make some documentation with examples and so?


Looks great. Is there a demo somewhere?


Walks out of his cave! Holy crow! I’m all over this!

Walks back into cave.



maybe i’ll check it out



Storm Tracer is locked to the Cinema 4D serial number it is purchased for and is not transferable.


impressive !

Can`t wait to purchase…


Very nice job, guys. It’s good to see another great plugin come from The Third Party…

Are there plans to incorporate reflection/transparency rendering?


So, it’s like having Particle Illusion within C4d and THEN SOME! Very impressive results. My order has been placed. :slight_smile:


Just wondering…no reflections, no transperency…and…no Shadowcasting…?

How much of a backdraw is that…?


Use PyroCluster if you want reflections, transparency or shadowcasting. Which, of course, would be rather slow compared to Stormtracer.

Good Work, Per-Anders and Paul!



oh yes !!! I’ll be buying this.

:buttrock: :bounce:


sorry transferred question to this thread as other thread closed:

i guess the early bird is like the MS early bird…documentation to come later?

also i presume this is like a post effect but i’m really not sure…so was wondering how i would get on with high res stills…eg above the 4000pixel post thing…at least i think it was 4000…
eg is it still gonna look quality at 12000 pixels is my question?

cheers guys and good luck with it…:thumbsup:


Thanks SheepFactory, I’ll start again: If you enter your serials, does the button “enter serial” disappear? Here no, and I can’t get Stormtracer do anything.


Flingster - It will render out just fine at insanely large sizes (as should any post effect) for instance i’ve just rendered out a 10k x 8k file using it without any problems or glitches… obviously your system has to have enough memory for rendering out the size of image you want, but then that’s the same with or without Storm Tracer!

Erik - I believe Paul ahs emailed you with regards this, it sounds like the serial might have been entered incorrectly, or there may have been a clerical error on our part.


cheers per wanted to check anyways…i gotta ask as major stuff i do is stills anyways.:thumbsup:


It was I.
I forgot to press enter…
It should work now…
thanks, and also sorry for being too quick. I must have overread this detail in the documentation.