New Plugin - QuickDocs



QuickDocs enables you fast switching between your open documents in Cinema 4D.
It displays a list of all open documents, by clicking one, the active documents changes.

It will hopefully increase your workflow !

QuickDocs is R12 only.

[Download QuickDocs 1.0](

Cheers, :D

//edit: If you have not read this message yet, please download the Plugin again.
I accidently uploaded the wrong file, I am sorry.


Very handy, cheers. Could it be assigned to a hotkey much like ctrl-tab / shift-tab in photoshop?



Just look for previous and next scene in the command manager


How did I miss that one!? Nice one thanks



doesnt “Documents” from the command manger do the same thing if added as a button


I’ve been using xsTab for quite some time now, which displays all opens Documents as Tabs.
That definitely sped up things.

I’ll give this a go,
Looks like QuickDocs is easier on the screen estate.



I didn’t like first clicking on the Button and then selecting the document to open.

I’m sure. But it doesn’t work yet. I look what I can do.

Check it out with about 6 Documents open. I don’t think it is that handy. :wink:

Btw, if you didn’t notice yet, you can pan up and down if there are more documents open that can be viewed.



My only complaint is that the source code is hidden in binary form.
The plugin is nice. But it would be a lot nicer to see the code used to makes the custom GUI.



ah, thanks. better than xtab which takes up more space in the UI.

EDIT: spoke too soon. it would appear that as you have more projects, the list is only vertical, but xtab also allows one to arrange in multiple columns to customize space so one can see as many or all the projects open at once w/o scrolling. am i missing something or can I also do this with quickdocs?


No, you are right, yet you can only scroll up and down.
But that’s a good idea and i will try to implement it in the next version.



Thanks. Real handy plugin. A +1 from me for being able to view the documents in a horizontal list. This would all you to dock the pallet at the very bottom of the interface and have the list scrolled across the width of your screen taking up very little screen height.
Another option that popped into my head was the ability to close documents?


very handy

thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks for your feedback. Yes, this was already told to me by another user. It will be implemented in the next version. :slight_smile:

Thank you, too, for your feedback.

Cheers, Niklas


very nice and handy, thanks a lot!


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