[New Plugin] - IKMAX for Cinema 4D! Auto-Rig


Hola 3D amigos! :slight_smile:
IKMAX is a 3DtoAll new plugin to rig your characters inside Cinema 4D in a fast, easy, and fun way!

More info at:


Thanks for the update, i discovered it and posted while ago:

Now with C4D interface looks much better :slight_smile:

I suppose you are the author looking at your nickname.


very interesting… can you provide a demo character rigged with it so we can evaluate the rigs features and performance?


For $30 I just bought it anyway.
Don’t know when I’ll have a chance to have a play.
I’m interested to see if the rigs have any plugin dependency or if everything converts to standard Cinema stuff at the end.
I know how to rig the manual way but would certainly be up for skipping that time when I don’t need something too unique.


Bullit Yes, I love C4D interface! and yes I’m the Autor, Gracias! :slight_smile:
everfresh Good idea
Decade Yep! Tha’s the idea, to avoid tedious stuff and save some time. The rig is just basic c4d joints and as minimalistic as possible to keep all basic and easy to edit, so, No plugin needed if you share the final character, etc.
Thank you all for supporting my crazy projects, much more to come soon :slight_smile:



Congrats on this release, looks great.

Can you tell me what features made it in ther C4D version Vs the Max version please? For thoes who have C4D Studio what are the benifits of this plugin or this is mainly aimed at non Studio users?

I second that you should provide a test scene to give potential buyers evaluate the rig.

Thanks Dan


That’s an instant buy for me being so incredibly bad at rigging like my last character that I rigged when I moved it’s feet its head malformed… :joy:


Rectro They share the same SOUL, the purpose of them its the same, rig fast and easy and fun. This is for c4d studio users that don’t want to spend so much time to just pose/animate a character. In 3dsmax generates CAT/Biped system, in C4D it generates Joints rig with IK’s. Personally I chose one or the other depending on the project. And yes I’ll upload a free 3d character with rig the next week

Rikof Cool, thank you!, I think that same happened to me when I was born


Thanks for the fast reply. After watching the other video on your site I could see some advantages to the Character tool in C4D Studio in that the joint placement seems to be much faster, this can get fiddly trying to place finger joints in place. I also see that accessories constraints looks to be much more faster with a single click solution, would be good if this can be keyed for animation for using other objects.

A store pose would be great in a future release, this is something Maxon seem to have missed as the pose morph feels like its more for deformation rather than poses. Poses should have a simple mirror function with icons to show the chosen pose for the whole body or individual limbs, I like the MODO ACS kit for this. Be great to also see the shrink wrap come next When you get time real time tutorial would be nice to see, but If I get the time to try it I may well end up making one myself anyway.

Your pricing is very fair, and thats nice to see, I hope many buy this and offer the support for future additions.



Thank you very much Retro and yes I have lot of crazy ideas in mind for next projects/updates, the store pose is already as main priority for next updates and already started on that, so it will be an part of this or an addition to this plugin, hope this first versions keeps getting the love its getting and for sure there will be more stuff for 3D … or in this case… 4D… lovers like us! :alien:


What, if my Character has only 4 fingers? Each with only two bones in it?


DrBluem Just press Generate Rig when you finish with your last finger.
When you finish placing 1…2…3… 4… or 5 fingers, you can already press Generate Rig button, even with no fingers the button will become enabled to press after locating the hand (…mmm… characters without fingers, that scary! :P)


Great plugin, may get me into rigging after all… is it OSX compatible?


Zoz Gracias! It shall work without problems, You can test it and let us know here how it works in OSX ! If any problem contact me and I give you support / instant refund. Happy Rigging! :monkey:


Does this also work with non-humanoid charakters?