New Plugin: EdgeShade


Hi everyone.

I just wanted to let you all know about a new plugin coming soon called EdgeShade.
It is comprised of 3 shaders: SoftEdge, DrawEdge, and Outliner.

[li]SoftEdge creates a micro-bevel around hard edges with an adjustable angle threshold[/li][li]DrawEdge draws edges around polygons with a user-specified angle threshold[/li][li]Outliner draws an outline around open edges (for example the outer edge of a disc primitive)[/li][/ul]
Here are a couple of screenshots demonstrating SoftEdge.


Great! waitting for this shader so long.


WOW! That will save me SO much time! What will you charge for this plugin and will it be compatible with r9?

Could you show the effects of the other 2 plugins as well? Thanks!

Great stuff!! :beer:


This looks excellent… when is it coming and how much will it cost?



Very nice—will be keeping my eyes open for this one.


soft edge is a shader I’ve been waiting for for ages. Theres on in FR but hardly justifies the cot, glad to finally see an option for AR


That is extremely useful. Thanks!! for developing this.


very useful :thumbsup:


That looks promising!



Wow, very usefull! Another musthave I’m afraid.



Good news indeed!

Actually it was only this morning that I last thought of how useful an edge shader would be…

err…How many shekels?



Yes, I love it! Fantastic work :-).


very cool chris!


Excellent! I have FR, but this will be a great addition to AR.


Ooo :slight_smile: ! Any screens of the end result of DrawEdge?


I’m ready to order.


Great… Thumbs Up.

Rich_Art. :thumbsup:


I’ve got a few more things for everyone to check out.

SoftEdge parameters:

DrawEdge parameters:

Outliner parameters:

And here are some quick videos demonstrating DrawEdge and Outliner:

Disc without Outliner

Disc with Outliner

DrawEdge angle demonstration

This plugin is for 9.6 and up, Win32, Win64, OSX PPC, OSX UB.
I will have more info on pricing and availability soon.



Wow a very useful plugin.

Rich_Art. :thumbsup:


ooooh!!! got to have it!