New plugin announcement: Smart IBL Loader


The Smart IBL system (sIBL), developed by the folks at, is a method for making it very easy to apply IBL lighting rigs to a scene. For full details of sIBL, please refer to the HDRLabs website ( In brief, the system provides for:

* image files for background, lighting, and  reflection
  • creation of the necessary skydomes to hold these images
  • creation of sun objects for outside scenes, including alignment, colour, and brightness
  • creation of multiple lights for interior scenes, again including alignment, colour, and brightness
  • inclusion of GPS data so the user can see exactly where an image set was shot
  • easy (often one-click) insertion of all images, lights, and objects into a scene

These parameters are controlled by a simple text file with the extension ‘IBL’. This file, plus the associated image files, makes up an sIBL ‘set’. A user may have multiple sets and from the loader choose which one to apply to the scene.

         Freeware loader scripts or plugins exist for several  high-end 3D   graphics applications (Max, Maya, XSI, Modo and Lightwave), but until   now,  not for Cinema 4D. In fairness, Lumen 2 can load sIBL sets, but  that's a paid-for plugin and of course it does a lot more than load  these sets. Anyway, this plugin adds C4D to the list and you can get it  (it's free) from my site at the link below or from the forums at  HDRLabs.
         Please bear in mind that this is just a loader plugin for smart IBL  sets. The quality of the set or the lighting solution it produces are  nothing to do with the plugin. (Having said that, the HDRI quality from  the HDRLabs website is very good.)
         The plugin runs on PC or Mac, for C4D R10 or later, and a full manual is  included. 
        Download link: [](


excellent share, much appreciated…


nice share, much appreciated…


Very generous of you Steve :slight_smile: Thanks!


Great thanks…

I’ve announced it on my site as well.

Rich_Art. :thumbsup:


very nice but has anyone figured out
the hierarchy to get the plugin to load collections??

Ive followed the PDF but to no avail .



I created a folder called Presets in the plugin folder then loaded sIBL and set the path to the created folder. :slight_smile:


Hi my plugin interface is actually loading but it wont see my sIBL presets I got from HERE
even after I set the path.

Can you post a screen shot of your preset folder hierarchy
if it not too much trouble?


EDIT: got sorted thanks Mate


I don’t know much about sIBL systems but this looks very powerful. Thank you.



Quick little test. I must say this is very cool and easy! Now I just need to find out how to make my own sIBL sets!



Thank you very much.:slight_smile:


Thank you very much! What a nice workflow speedup!



Very nice plugin, many thanks for creating and sharing this.



Thanks, spedler. Great to have this for C4D!


Thanks for this – works great in R10


I made news about that! - Very, very nice work with that plugin! Thank you.



very good of you to share your effort with the rest of us…mucho appreciated :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


that plugin works perfect - easy and quick:
btw: great combo with degamma :smiley:


hey that is a cool little anim…

Rich_Art. :thumbsup:


thank you very much for the nice plugin steve!