New PDI movie preview: Sharkslayer


From the article

“Meet the deep-sea cast of Sharkslayer, the computer-animated DreamWorks comedy that promises to make satirical sushi out of Mob movies — just as the studio’s Oscar-winning 2001 smash Shrek shredded fairy-tale cliché.”

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hmmmm…more fish movies?


This movie’s in production in Glendale at DreamWorks Animation, not at PDI/DreamWorks in Redwood City.

PDI/DW is, instead, hard at work on Shrek 2.

I, of course, speak officially for neither company.

– Mark


i remember the small brochure Dreamworks gave at siggraph - san antonio. If i remember correctly dreamworks is working on six CG animated feature films including shrek 2 and sharkslayer.


SIX FULL LENGTH CG FILMS! That crazy! And awesome. I think it’s really disappointing PDI got out of the visual effects biz though, because their work was awesome (Minority Report… their shots were far better than ILM’s in my opinion). But, the market for full length CG is certainly far from congested, so I guess it’s a good business move. Can’t wait for Shrek 2 myself!


I think it’s really disappointing PDI got out of the visual effects biz though, because their work was awesome (Minority Report… their shots were far better than ILM’s in my opinion)

Well, speaking for everyone who used to be in PDI’s effects division, thanks for the support!!

ILM, nevertheless, did a great deal of spectacular work for the film, so to say that the Spyder sequence was “far better” is probably stretching it a bit…

– Mark


PDI did the spiders? I didnt know that. Thats my favorite part in the movie , kudos to everyone who worked on it.



Didn’t Don Knotts do the voice for a cartoon/live action fish movie in the 60’s? The Incredible Mr. Limpet was the name of the show. The fish wasn’t as colorful and wore glasses. Looked almost identical in shape.


does anyone else think this is REALLY stupid?

theyr doing the whole antz/bugslife thing all over again,

finding nemo, and sharkslayer,

two competing(ok i duno if theyr competing but it sure looks like it) cgi studios puting out the same basic concept,
3d animated undersea tales, and releasing at a very similar time.

i’ll see finding nemo cuz i heard about it first and it looks interesting, the other one can bite me for being LAME.


btw PDI is in palo alto not redwoodcity.
i eat lunch right by them all the time :stuck_out_tongue:



They moved from Palo Alto to Redwood City in November. I was one of the last ten people to move out of the old building. If you eat lunch over there you should see that there’s a huge FOR LEASE sign outside the building right now.

As for Sharkslayer being lame because of the Finding Nemo correlation, it’s not as though these kinds of similarities between competing movies haven’t happened dozens of times in the past, and sometimes one or both turn out to be pretty good.

(Shrek vs. Monsters Inc. is one example.)

Again, I speak for nobody but myself of course.

– Mark


I think that it is completely hard to judge if this is going to be another bugs life/antz type comparison because the only similarity that i see between the two is that the scene is set in the ocean with fish as main characters…the plot, concept, and characters seem to be completely different…the only big comparison between the two will be technically how well the fish, water, etc. are animated. honestly, every movie that is coming out in cg is going to be compared for its technical abilities…with bug’s life and antz their main characters were similar and the theme behind the movies were similar, which i dont think is necessarily a bad thing since i like to see how two different creative teams come up with a different solutions.

and i think a couple of people are getting off subject with who eats where and which city pdi is in :slight_smile:

oh and i definitely agree with white rabbit on pdi getting out of the effects because they are superb at it.


And I suppose nobody else gets off topic? :shame:

Anyway, I’d expect that the fact that PDI has moved should be of interest to those sending reels and resumes, which might be a reasonable number of the readers here. :smiley:

To that end, here’s the new address for reels and resumes:

Recruiting Department
1800 Seaport Blvd
Redwood City, CA 94063
Attn: position for which you are applying

And here’s the list of positions for which they’re recruiting, with job descriptions. (There is information on Glendale positions here too.)

– Mark

P.S. I’ll tell you one thing… PDI’s an incredible place to work if you’re interested in learning everything there is to know about computer graphics. I was there three years and by the time I left I felt like I’d just managed to scratch the surface of what I could pick up from my colleagues there.


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