New Patch for Painter 9 out


Check it out



Let’s see how this works.


Cool, TGA Alpha support at last…

The airbrush certainly seems smoother.

I really wish they would look at the brush size indicator though, maybe find some way of caching it or using a bitmap like Photoshop. Once you get to a certain size it takes ages to refresh the outline.

  • Steve


Did it fix the Poof!? Huh? Huh? Huh? :wink:

Probably more stacking on top of the house of cards, but I’m sucker. Hopefully it fixes things more than breaking things further.


Maybe im the only one who dont really like the update

Sure it makes the brush looks smoother but it makes some brush especially my custom brushes awful

Under the size tab in the brush creator, the edge of the watercolour profile (the ring shaped brush type) becomes somthing like a snowflake something instead of the round ring shape.

I guess im sticking with painter 9


OK… the Airbrush is MUCH better.
Nested Photoshop groups load properly in Painter.

I can’t comment much on the “fix” for the various corruption issues this program has until I paint a few pictures.
Fingers crossed…


Seem like the watercolour profile brushes have gone all weird.

This is what i meant

By right it should be a nice round ring but now the update made it look like some weird runic thing


I dug out a couple of old files that used to make mine poof immediately, and so far it looks good. I also tried the 16 bit/8 bit instant poofie-poof method and no more poof. I’ll dig more but it is at the very least a definate improvement.

Thanks Corel.



I’m noticing that also. The brush previews for some of the watercolor brushes has changed.

It’s not affecting the brush properties or my painting at all. So… no biggie.


I bragged too soon. I installed Nagel Series 2 brushes and poof. Now can’t get it to run again. Hold shift and start PIX to go to default, right?


unfortunately it does affect the stroke of the brushes rather significantly. For example if you are using the airbrush variants and set the brush profile to the ring shape, is no longer gives the nice smooth stroke with the hard outer edge. Now it just give a rough stroke.

Really hope they fix this soon.



Lemmee try that out.

Tried it.
You are right but, if I understand the way these variants work there would have to be a difference in the functionality of the brush if you CHANGED the profile, right? That’s the whole point of the brush creator and the profiles – to make new brushes.

The only brushes I have that display this new “runic watercolor profile” icon is in brushes using the “Cover method” with a “Circular Dab type.” The new profile icon did nothing to change the functionality of those brushes. Watercolors, chalks, gouache, etc. are the same.

Oh yeah, since this might become important-
Mac OS X 10.2.8
G4 DP 1.25


Yeah i tried it with that picture that would corrupt dropping the layers and it doesn’t have a corruption problem anymore.


Is the Corel site down, or is it a problem with my browser? I’ve been trying to get to it all day.


Hi All:

My name is John Derry. As one of Painter’s original authors (along with Mark Zimmer and Tom Hedges), I have been involved with Painter since about day one. I’ve been a longtime lurker in many of the online Painter forums, newsgroups, etc. That’s about to change.

I’m happy to report that Corel has engaged me as Painter’s Ambassador-at-Large. In this capacity I will be making occasional Painter-related announcements in newsgroups and web forums so users can stay on top of all things Painter. So you can expect to see me hanging around these parts…and don’t be shy to drop me a line.

I have been reading the posts here and want to let you know that Corel is listening (heck, they added several of the 9.1 features based on input from this very forum!). In fact, please keep posting anything that seems broken or not working as it should. I will be collecting this data and compiling it for the engineers.

I’m monitoring several forums; I’ll try to be visiting here every couple days or so.


John Derry

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Also been having problems, but i’am downloading now… all seems OK at the moment


9. Enhanced Brush Resize Functionality
When using CMD-Opt/CTRL-ALT to resize brushes, you no longer have to click once before painting.

I am SO pleased about this. Many thanks Corel! Even though the [ and ] keys are available, the fastest way to resize brush is the Ctrl-Alt function. Somewhere along the line, a “click once before painting” thing crept in and it really broke up the workflow. It was one of the things that stopped me upgrading from 6.1

Painter XI just got added to the online store basket. Thanks Corel!


Hi John!

What great news to hear you’ll be active in the forums. Makes me think of the old days.

It’s extra great, for us, that you’ll be open to receiving e-mails and I hope Painter users will make it as easy for you as possible when they write to you, with clear, concise information and enough detail to make sense of whatever it is they’re writing about.

Guys and gals, John Derry is a terrific guy. He was one of the three original Painter developers and has remained involved all this time, helping Corel to continue making “his baby” (and ours!) an increasingly wonderful program, that began with the genius, talent, imagination, and all 'round enthusiasm of those three developers, Mark Zimmer, John Derry, and Tom Hedges. For this, I owe them, and Corel, my heartfelt thanks as Painter has been my love for a decade now and has never for a moment left me bored or uninspired. It’s amazing how it continues to inspire and continues to surprise me with hidden secrets just waiting to be discovered.

Treat this great guy with generosity, respect, and appreciation. He’s earned it with his own generosity and talents as you’ll soon learn!

If you don’t know much about John Derry, you’ll find out by reading the Corel Painter IX website at:

And the Corel Painter IX newsletter, The Painter Canvas.

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Again, welcome to the forums John, and thanks for always being around, from the beginning. :slight_smile:

Most sincerely,


John - What a wonderful surprise! It’s awesome to know that you’ll be keeping an eye on us. The 9.1 patch is great–fixes some of the most urgent problems. I’m sure there are other fixes you guys are working on that didn’t make it into the 9.1 patch, and I’m looking forward to the next fix.


Hi Folks,

Glad to see the news hit so fast! Thanks to many of you, the Painter IX 9.1 Update includes some great enhancements and stability improvements. Special thanks to those of you who contacted me directly and sent in your files to help the team track down these issues.
Painter just keeps getting better! Anyhow, it’s time for me to fade back into the shadow, but as always, I’ll still be “around”.
green_leaf, we’re already looking into the brush cursor thing…

Best regards,

Rick Champagne
Program Manager, Corel Painter
Corel Corporation