new particles vid tut


this was a test just to nut out capturing video ect. for the web. I wasn’t going to put this online as it’s nothing special and not too to the point. But if you want to see one or two cool things with particles I guess… then check it out.

will start putting some good content up soon, just need to work out how to compress video quicker in cleaner and smaller… so any advice is more than welcome : )

ack, banged my head up pretty bad in a car crash tonight… so I think I’ll leave it at that for the time being :slight_smile:

  • Allan McKay


That’s a cool technique. I am always amazed at how you guys come up with these unique ways to use the tools that are provided.

Are you using Pflow? I can’t wait to see how you put that to use.

Hopefully your head is OK.


Wow, Great demonstration Allan! :thumbsup:


Great Video. I’m going to try it a the moment. It’s a bit fast for a tutorial and you are using many short-cuts. It’s hard to follow (pressing pause helps much).

Looking forward for the next ones.


I like the pace myself. It’s also cool that he is showing how he works, instead of dumbing it down. I think using the script listener is a good idea too, to speed up the flow of working.


Very slick. Look into compressing into a DivX/XviD format if you are looking to shrink the size without killing the quality.


Yeah sorry I kind of went through that really fast, it was litterally just a test run I made up as I went to try and get the whole capturing process down pat. RE: Shortcuts I think I only used two shortcuts if I remember, one was ‘align’ and the other was ‘bind to spacewarp’. Usually all my stuff I go through slowly and explain, but didn’t intend this to be shown to the public. Decided to put it up cause I have a few hours of footage I’ve been trying to edit and put bits of it online and the capturing has all gone to shit so having problems converting it at the moment :slight_smile:

Yeah tried divx but for some reason was coming out bigger, and techsmith wasn’t that great either. Gotta play with the codecs more I guess… I think that’s where I fall short, with making the most out of codecs…


real palyer maybe, I know there is not the bast image but size is low.


I just got done seeing it and that was incredible Allan. I can’t wait until your DVD comes out. :slight_smile:


I really learnt a lot. Thx for the tutorial!

You could however work on sounding a bit more enthusiastic though! :slight_smile:


Enthusiasm? pah! Who needs it!?
Yeah i’m a bit monotone in some vids, ohwell :wink: Good to see fellow QLD’ers btw! I reside from QLD myself :wink:

I’ve put up another, a lot of the crap I’ll be putting up right now was stuff I captured during early test phases so it’s stuff I just winged and was captured on a really shit box with a crap vid card, and then had to be captured from the capture to be readable (hence why I’m doing tests now to get a better pipeline for this stuff). So there’ll be a lot of scrap tutorials that have lots of neat tricks, although the resolution at times isn’t that bareable.

let me know if anyone has problems playing it. it’s an mpeg4 codec… (I think!)


PS. This tuts rather simple, just shows a way to do a kind of set initial state like in maya, so that way you can ramp up particles and then have them have a completely different movement to the movement required to get it into the formation and that you pushed it into. (Requires pflow).


I figured you were Australian, but I didn’t know you were a Queenslander! Where do you work? In Brisbane anywhere?


This one a bit tough to view. Sometimes the particles were very blurry in viewport. Particle Flow seems powerful. ¿Any vid with particle flow + scripted particles? :rolleyes:


reality 3d, yeah I’ll be putting up more soon. They are very blurry, I just captured this stuff using some very obsolete software and hardware… A lot of the more recent stuff will be at least to an extent better.

Camtasia is 100% clear, although I don’t like it hogging all my CPU, and also all my licenses are on my laptop which isn’t as powerful as my desktop boxes.

Ian Jones, I’m only back in Aus for a holiday. I’m working on a few features
for a few studios in LA from my own lil temporary shop I’ve set up. Used to be the main TD/FX guy at Cutting Edge a long time ago, prior to that career wise I was a Sydney boy for a long time at Ambience, but I’m originally a QLD’er.

Anyway I’ll post more tuts when I have time to convert em. Although I want to spend some time on my DVD too :wink:

btw: if anyone’s bored. Did that in like 2 mins in pflow, all lil cubes. Thought it was kinda funky :slight_smile: Just made it as I was walking out the door earlier today.


Hey, glad to hear you are working on features! keep it up!

I think I saw an animation of yours on tv tonight. It was for a 4wd of some sort (Mitsubishi?), the dust clouds looked great! I’m pretty sure I recognised it from your demoreel (which is awesome btw).

I’m really starting to play around with particles after seeing your vids. I didn’t realise you could do so much with the basic space warps. I got an animation rendering out right now. It’s a simple particle system which is outputting light (Brazil GI) but it looks quite interesting… the play of light over the scene is really cool.

Cheers… :thumbsup:


Great stuff Allan, keep it up! They look a little blurry to me but you explain what you’re doing well so maybe if you have a couple of scene files along the way it should be pretty easy to follow? Have you talked to Andy Murdock about the Lots of Robots DVD the production on that was very nice, might have some tips?

Jeez, car crash doesn’t sound too good hope you’re okay now?



OMG Allan, you amazed me once again. Great job and keep and the good work. I can’t wait to see what other cool tutorials you’ll come up with.


Hey guys, thanks! Yep subject wise the ones I’ve put up there are quite boring, it’s frustrating cause I actually have some really awesome ones I justneed to find time to put up :slight_smile:

Yeah spoke to Andy aggggess ago, he’s outputting into a dv cam and capturing back in. Unfortunately cause I’m kind of ‘in between countries’ right now, I can’t really afford to go all out with buying heaps of hardware I’m either going to have to ditch or carry to the other side of the world with me in a few weeks time, so I don’t want to fork out uber amounts of cash.
Right now I just bought a new desktop pc and a crap video capture card, so I’m starting to realise I need to get a good capture card. Unfortunately teh way I captured the ones you’re looking at it was REALLY bad quality and then I had to capture from that capture to get it to be on a readable format :slight_smile: so those are unbareable. Although the advantage is that there’s heaps of this stuff now that I won’t really be able to use, so you guys definitely get a lot of stuff for free, so works out well :wink:

I will try and put max files up at some stage. Or at least for some things.

Kieron you should be putting some vids up, you’re the European particle master :wink:


hey, i can’t download that vdo, i m getting error


Same here :frowning:

Always get “The page cannot be displayed”