New Particle Shader from David O'Reilly


Just in case you’ve missed it

Theres a new plugin on his site plugins4cinema4d
pShade - ever wanted to map a shader channel to a particle’s speed, age etc?
click - click - done!

C4D Particles and TP supported


Nice one! I will check that out.


@David: What do you think about adding an option to make the shading dependent on a particle real value data channel? That way you could directly control the material properties on a per particle base without having to do a workaround with manipulating particle properties.


Been playing with this for some time now.
Clever little tool !!

you can do different setups for different PGroups, and there’s this animatable Mix Slider, that allows you to define how much influence you want each property to have on the Shading. ( like 20% of the Shading comes from the Speed, 30 % comes from the Texture, 25% comes from the Particle Age, and 25% comes from the Density).

This will allow for setting up some cool effects pretty easily.

Also, I definitely want to amplify Bjorn’s request for direct Data Channel support !
Cool stuff !!


Thanks for the input and thanks Paul for posting about it. Yes I’ll look at the data channels, I’m also working on x-particle support.


Would it be possible to somehow support Hair-render as that is the most powerfull Particlerender engine we have.


It is something that is on my list, still experimenting.


That would be great…


Or maybe even an own shader that can render particles without geometry and has different blend modes (add, screen etc) like particular has? That thing looks sweet…


I would stick to the Hairrendersupport as it is so fast and got many options.


texture color sampling for TP.
thank you.


Thanks very much David, you’re filling a big gap here – what exactly is the Depth option for?

Edit: Got it, colorizing over Viewport or Screenspace Depth :slight_smile:
Maybe call that one Camera Distance instead?


Considering The man making the plugin also wrote the hair renderer I’m sure he could make a line/point renderer that’d compare or or nowadays improve upon, but then it also depends on time and how massive of a project david wants to make the plugin. Supporting the hair renderer directly would likely be a more manageable project.


Well there “was” krakatoa for c4d as well… Pity Maxon didn’t care…


OReally ? That looks a nice plugin.


hehe…I was not aware of this.


The latest update (0.60a) can now use the hair renderer to do fully shaded particles, no geometry needed. The previous update (0.56a) is also now available for all to play with. Examples and info on my site. Thanks.


Wow, awesome David. Thank you.

edit: 0.60a is not jet available, right?


Yes it is available in the customers area, you should have had an email when you paid with a link. If you have any problems just drop us an email or use our contact page.


Ah…ok. Thanks. Got it now…Time to play.