New Order Sith, Sandro Nunes (3D)


Title: New Order Sith
Name: Sandro Nunes
Country: Brazil
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

Hi, this is my first work in the forum here. I competed with this image in contest “star wars” of the forum 3d4all.
All work process here > Link


fisrt off good luck with the contest. ok now for this pic ok i really love the background it looks great i love the colors you’ve used in the comp but the figuers look real stiff try changing there pose a bit. cause right now its not selling it to me. the ships are moving but they seem off. either then that i really like this one. did you model the background? or was that done in photoshop? also the light seems a bit off cause the lightsaber has some type of light on it. did you put a spotlight there? if so lose it cuase its not fitting in with the reast of the comp. sorry to pick at it the way i did but i really see a great pic if you inprove on it.


That’s a real nice image. The city and the sky look great. How was the sky made, your common sphere dome, textured? Only crit I have on the whole image is the Sith, he look’s a bit 3D’ish, maybe his clothing is a little to glossy. Awsome image though, good work.


hi vader!!
congratulations brother!! this image this really fantastic!! :smiley: :bounce:
first really deserved place!!
congratulations and good luck in the future studies!



great work
nice atmosphere,i like the haracters a lot
good modelling and materials
congratulations and good luck


Nice work! I like jedi and backround a lot. :thumbsup:


Very good, Mem!
I liked colors a lot, of the sky, and of the buildings. You managed to do a great atmosphere!


Congrats for the first place man, I like the white guy a lot and the mood of the lighting.


As I already told you at 3donline , it’s great!

My only sugestion would be to take out that “hole” in the sith’s head, but it’s just an opinion.

Anyway, keep the good work!


I like the image, especially the composition. Great detail! My only two comments would be to suggest that you grab something resembling in size and weight a jedi lightsaber handle and look in the mirror to see the confguration your fingers have to form in order to hold on to it. The other thing is the blur on the engines - it’s too intense compared to the blur of the jedi standing on top of it as well as the swoosh of his hair.

Great stuff! Keep it up!


Hi, Sandro Vader!

Great work, dude, congrats again! I liked everything in this scene. Characters, background, mood. And the city is amazing too! Five Stars for you! :thumbsup:


Ta irado!! Parabéns!!:applause:


Great scene overall, plus it actually conveys a feeling that it belongs in the Star Wars universe. My only critique is that the Sith’s head looks a bit misshapen.


Wow i love your image. I think the poses that the two characters have a great, to me, with the jedi he looks pure, relaxed, where as you can just see hate and evil within the sith.

Great image, good luck with the comp, i think you will do well:thumbsup:


I love the background even more than the characters, but good luck


i love the colour scheme of the whole thing but as said earlier the characters dont look like their moving, maybe abit of a motion blur on the sith? just a suggestion other then that excellent work!


Hi everyone.

I agree to the comments about the characters, but unhappyly this image already is final does not intend to modify more, this was my first work 3d come back toward the side most “realistic”, iam accustmoed to make cartoon characters. In a next work goes to dedicate more to try to improve the characters in such a way how much its poses. :thumbsup:

The characters was rendered separate, the buildings was rendered in blocks. The sky, some back buildings and the the final composition i make directly in photoshop.

I am thankful all for the comments. :slight_smile:



Of course it is a very exciting scene.City and buildings are wonderful.Characters are really cool.


TETRAGRAMMATON, thanks for the reply man!! :thumbsup:


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