New onion skinning tools for Maya


We’ve been working on a new plug-in that provides image-based onion skinning tools in Maya. Here’s a video:

We’re actively looking for beta testers right now–if you’re interested please email me at We hope that we’ll be able to release it late February or early March, for $29.

Unlike our other plug-ins, this one has been done entirely in Python, which means that we have one version that will work with any release of Maya post-2011 (possibly 2010 too but we haven’t tested that yet).

Hope you like it!

–Raf Anzovin

Edit: We have enough testers now. Thanks!


This sure is usefull :applause:

A bit OT but are you considering investing some time into Softimage tools or only Maya users will have all the cool toys?


We have talked about doing tools for other packages (XSI and Max, primarily) but most of our tools are designed around the way Maya does scene graphs and wouldn’t really be portable to other packages without a ground-up rewrite. Since we do the tools partly to use in-house and we’re a Maya shop that’s not easy for us to do.



Looks pretty cool.


Looks quite useful and indeed it is fast! And even cheap! I wish I was an animator to be able to ake the most out of it :slight_smile:


I don’t animate much at the moment but this is really really cool. I wonder how I could use this for animating cars. Great job guys!!:buttrock::applause:


Thanks to everyone who wrote in looking to beta test! We have plenty of testers now.



Looks amazing Raf! I’ve been waiting for a tool like this. Looking forward to trying it out :slight_smile:


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